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‘There are Two Million Nazis in Judea and Samaria’

The pseudo-Palestinians do not have innocent civilians: []

JohnHouk 8 Dec 1
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Am not sure about the numbers. But, let's pretend to go back in time to the '30'40's Germany . If you see the Gestapo and WaffenSS disappearing Jews and do nothing; you bear part of the blame. Maybe all of it since you could have stopped it entirely if you had spoken up.

So, the 80% of Gazans (no, not palestinians -- those don't exist, like unicorns) who voted Hamas into power are responsible. They are not innocent. Their harm is not even collateral damage.


There are horrible times coming for these cretin. The golden age of the jews is ending! People have no clue what is coming. When our economies tank and hungry people roam the streets, they will be looking for retribution from the jews who caused their mess. Just like the late Kissinger said, "Anyone people who have been 'persecuted' for over 2000 years must be doing something wrong"

Racist alert.


Isn't that brilliant! No argument. No evidence. Can't use the term "antisemite" anymore because it has been worn we are now called "RACISTS". I thought jews are not a race???

Here are a list of articles recently written by your precious Bolshevik jews, extolling the virtues of wiping out white people. As you cuck for your chosen ones, they are planning your demise!

Lenin called such cucks, "Useful Idiots". All of the useful idiots were exterminated once their usefulness was gone

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