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2312071200Th HISTORY – WHAT’S IT FOR?

To a rational person History is the record of past mistakes SO AS TO NOT REPEAT THEM!

To Socialist Feminist History is the record of past mistakes SO THEY CAN BE REPEATED!

Some of the most egregious tenets of Socialism are ‘class (identity) guilt’ and inter-generational responsibility.

In short, Socialism, be it Feminist Socialism or not, is a mental illness – for what else could it possibly be?

However you want to look at the history of humanity men are always the naive unwitting slaves upon whose labor everything, be they termed cultures, societies, or civilizations, has been built upon. Because apart from male ingenuity and labor nothing of human import exists today or in the past.

WHY is this United States enacting and enforcing Socialist Communism tenets – did we loose the cold war and nobody bothered to tell us we lost?

Only in Communist countries are citizens held responsible for the supposed wrongs of their ancestor – such as they are in communist dystopia like North Korea.

Socialism, Communist or otherwise, absolutely cannot accept INDIVIDUALISM and the natural inequality of nature itself.

FREE YOUR MIND! Would it be acceptable now for the descendants of the African slave trading tribes to be themselves enslaved – would that produce the equity your false god Socialism requires as sacrifice? Or upon you standing before the Judgment Seat of GOD, what class or identity will stand there with you for judgment? Why, none of course! None because only Individuals are judged for their Individual action(s) or inaction(s). So if GOD only judges Individuals who do you think you are to be judging classes and identities?

Posted by: Studio B ~ 11 months ago ~ 5K views ~ 5.75K subscribers
“The Shamelessness of Feminist Affirmative Action”

1914wizard 8 Dec 7
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