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Or could you be thinking that you, or anyone else, could be dead without first having been alive at some time?

One can’t exist without the other is the point of this post – as clumsily articulated as it may be.

TO THE POINT: For rape to exist it to requires a predicate force be exerted.

All entirety of human existence has shakily rested upon this ‘vacillating’ planet and this ‘vacillating’ universe which it inhabits. And yet because of the UN-comprehendible intricacies involved in life’s existence we are left looking at this cosmos with awe.

So intricate in fact that life itself demands a predicate for it to come into existence – IT REQUIRES INTELLIGENT DESIGN BE BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

Evolution has its place, but the invisible force of life isn’t a matter of evolution.

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PS. Fell free to correct for yourself any errors that you may discern



  1. alternate or waver between different opinions or actions; be indecisive:

"I had for a time vacillated between teaching and journalism"

Word Origin:
late 16th century (in the sense ‘sway unsteadily&rsquo😉: from Latin vacillat- ‘swayed’, from the verb vacillare.

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