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Correct me if I’m wrong (perhaps I missed it), but was there a single promotion of peace in Biden’s entire state of the union address?

President Trump wisely advocates Peace Through Strength; as opposed to Biden’s democrat’s Peace Through War. {Matthew 5:9}

America was never intended to be the policeman of the world, nor constantly be engaged in perpetual wars. Because America is wealthy in its own right, and doesn’t need to be expansionist as Socialism is compelled to do – stealing from others to exist.

Throughout history it has always been men required to sacrifice life and limb in war. I submit that science is slow-walking the introduction of artificial wombs specifically because it would for the first time force women to actually live equally to men. Only then will we see just how much women want to be on an equal footing with men.

Artificial womb(s) would put an end to nonsense like “glass ceiling(s).” Or are we going to continue considering frail young men as oppressing women in some ridiculous way.

I’d like to remind people that President Trump was the President that didn’t start war(s) during his tenure. So who really is the “peacemaker,” and who really are the war-monger(s) among us?

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“Tucker Carlson 3/7/24 | Breaking News March 7, 2024”


Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (kjv)

1914wizard 8 Mar 8
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