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This 2024 Presidential election isn’t between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This 2024 Presidential election is between Socialism and Capitalist Liberty.

At no time in history has American politics stooped so low in the sewer as the socialist Democrat Party has against Donal Trump and more than half the American public.

I have to ask myself what is blinding the American public to the Democrat fabricated FAKE Steel Dossier accusing President Trump of Russia Collusion. And their persecution of President Trump with those false claims continually for years?

Regardless of your political persuasion, I would ask you just one question – IS THIS THE NEWS OR IS IT CAMPAIGN PROPAGANDA?

President Trump has the distinction of being a President that didn’t entangle America in wars like the Military Industrial Complex financed Democrats have.

Now here we sit on the precipice a World War III with the Democrat Biden regime doing everything it can to push us into it.

You and I are very much like Grand Jury members in that we’re only getting one side of the story without even an inkling of a defense being presented.

I actually heard a fool the other day saying President Trump et al must be guilty because he was indicted by Grand Juries. I can only assume that he thinks that a defense is present to Grand Juries. This is why it’s said that Prosecutors can even get an indictment on a ham sandwich.

Does the end now justify the means in America?

The 2020 Presidential Election couldn’t possibly have been legitimate because of the Democrat Party media control pumping years of campaign absolutely free of charge. The electorate had been fully propagandized well before the 2020 Election day. I say legitimate because to date no one has called to task the Democrat Party for the massive campaign contribution(s) all the 20/7 campaign contribution(s) presentations such as this video represents.

So I’m going to ask you: Is this video news or is it campaign publication(s) worth massive amounts in campaign contributions? Is it news or campaigning?

Where do you get your news? Chances are that you’re being politicized with only one side of everything -- against your will.

PS. The last 8 minutes of this Youtube video is just filler that Youtube allows for some unknown reason?

Posted by: Croches da Dry ~ 7 hours ago ~ 203,007 views ~ 209K subs
“The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell 3/20/24 | 🅼🆂🅽🅱🅲 Breaking News Mar 20, 2024”

1914wizard 8 Mar 21
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Worse than communist propaganda. It's actually deception. Communists PRETENDING to be capitalists.

They are attempting to fool the American people.

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