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Robert Kennedy stated that ashkenazi jews and the Chinese were immune to covid while blacks and whites were more likely to die.

Is it a coincidence that the Chinese and the ashkenazi jews are communists?

Did they get together to kill everyone else for the greater good to stop global warming?

FocusOn1 7 Mar 30
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I have no doubt that the Chinese have been working on race specific bio weapons, why wouldn't they.

From what I have seen it seems unlikely that the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus was directly engineered by genetic manipulation. Most like it was evolved in mice with human genes. Those human gene carrying mice it seems likely were sourced from Western labs. That is all that would be necessary for Europeans to be slightly more susceptible.

The low mortality rate in people of Asian descent in the US however could be attributed to the unique set of co-morbidities associated with Covid-19. Diet being a key consideration. Also social economic status was a factor. Taken altogether you would expect that Asians would have a lower mortality rate.

I don't take Kennedy too seriously. His life experiences have made he suspicious of official narratives with good reason. Anyone with an open mind would be cynical of the official narratives. The problem of course is that you also have to be cynical about your own narratives and I'm not sure he can get over that hurdle.

wolfhnd Level 8 Mar 31, 2024

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