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Thoughts about Kennedy and Shanahan?

Shanahan is a leftits and is connected to Soros. Kennedy won't get many Republican votes.
He may get lots of Democrat votes. Kennedy could hand Trump the election.

Biden is polling poorly.
Trudeau is polling poorly.
Red wave!

If Trump were smart, he would pledge to put Kennedy in his cabinet. This is the feudal way.
Coalition. Recruit more independents. Recruit pro-Israel Democrats.

Focus firepower on the anti-Isarel faction of the Democratic party. Kennedy is pro-Israel.
It's perfect. He's toxic to Republicans and to far leftists.

jaymaron 8 Mar 31
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I subscribe to Soros open society organization and get their emails. They have been talking about the "Kennedy problem". The title of the last email was Kennedy has to be stopped. It made me think of how JFK and Robert had to be stopped. Considering how many crazy people must be in that organization it is kind of scary. If a conservative used that kind of language the FBI would be knocking on their door.

wolfhnd Level 8 Mar 31, 2024

Fascinating. Expand?


Not much to add. Soros and his followers hate Western Civilization. What I don't understand is the compared to what question. I suspect what they really hate is civilization. Seems to me they want to return to the "Garden of Eden". Where there is no knowledge of good and evil. It is something straight out of John Lennon's Imagine song. "Nothing to live or die for". I understand the sentiment but most of us have to get up every day and fight to survive. It kind of explains the rich "communist" phenomenon. People that have never had to fight just to survive cannot understand reality.

Hewey Lewis and The News: "I want a new drug"


It seems power always turns out to be that drug.


Trudeau is being held in power by a man named Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the Socialist (far left) party in Canada known as the NDP, who signed a coalition alliance with Trudeau's Liberal party to give them a majority in the House of Commons (HoC is like the Congress) and keep Trudeau in power until October, 2025

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