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As i delve deeper into history, shit you don't learn in school, the european jews actually supported communism. Karl marx wrote his book in 1848.

The holocaust occured in the 1900s.

Understand that the first kibbutz , which is a communist settlement, was formed in 1910.

In.a weird twist, since hitler supported state welfare , he was also a communist ideologist.

So, when communists kill each other, shit gets weird

FocusOn1 7 Apr 6
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A couple of things.. Hitler was a national socialist. Its all socialism but it is a way to get it on the right side if the political spectrum. So you can call people like Trump a NAZI. It's a direct challenge to Communism but it is a form of socialism so they are natural enemies. Opposites attract and similar poles repel. They aren't opposites. Communism is opposed to all other types of gov't so the only way it can spread is through subversion....communists!!! We aren't communists. Surprise! We are communists! Most people have no clue.
Point #2. Most Jews stick together. They are pretty tight. They can appear communistic. A lot of them are. Like Marx. It's a type if collectivist thinking. Or like bankers, who want control of everything, it's turns into a power trip.

Look up what a kibbutz is, it'll alleviate some of your confusion

@FocusOn1 I'm aware of what a kibbutz is. Do you want to give me a broader perspective on it?
What form of government does Israel have?

@FrankZeleniuk Today, some 270 kibbutzim varying in size from 80 to over 2,000 people are scattered throughout Israel. With a total populace of around 120,000, they represent about 2.8 percent of Israel's population. Most kibbutz members work in some section of the kibbutz economy or in one of its maintenance units.

@FrankZeleniuk the government of Israel is basically secular/atheist, similar to America. Right?

@FocusOn1 They do allow freedom of religion, I believe.

@FocusOn1 Thanks for that info. Are the Amish a threat?

@FrankZeleniuk they haven't been on my communist radar. To qualify, they must use and support initiatory force.

@FrankZeleniuk funny they allow freedom of religion, isn't it? But what if it's against your religion to pay taxes?

@FrankZeleniuk here you go buddy, Amish don't like government, they aren't commies.

While many Amish communities tend to be private and not get involved with anything government related, the Amish respect and consistently abide by tax laws that are appropriate to their communities. These taxes include but are not limited to sales, income, property, and public school taxes.

However, they are forced to give their money to commies anyway, right?

@FrankZeleniuk (amish do not force handouts like commies do) Amish do informally “pass the hat”, collecting alms at church service to help support members of the church who have medical needs or face disaster, so this might be seen by some as leaning in a direction of “communism”. Unlike in historical examples of communism, this is not coerced or forcibly taken however, and is meant to be done in a spirit of Christian aid.

@FocusOn1 I guess it's the way Communism is supposed to work?

@FrankZeleniuk no karl marx directly advocated for violence.

@FocusOn1 That was to achieve the State of communism. The State was supposed to fade away to anarchy after. Like it ever would.

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