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Cohencidence or PLANNED???

Sensrhim4hizvewz 8 Apr 17
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They aren't Jewish, they are atheists that support communism.

Why can't someone be ethnically Christian ?

They are ALL dual citizen Israelis...Zionists! This is the critical point. Their loyalties ultimately lay with Israel. Moreover, ALL of these people claim themselves to be "jewish" on numerous occasions.

The answer to your question lay directly in the definition of jews by jews, who claim jews are a race, however as a number of Harvard case studies have shown this self-identity is a social-construct and less than 10% of jews identify their race as jewish. Most identify as "white". The critical issue is not race but ideological enrollment, specifically ZIONISM!

@Sensrhim4hizvewz Why does the Biden administration seemingly support Hamas/Palestinians? These people are all part of the Biden administration. @FocusOn1 is right, they are all Marxists/A

@FrankZeleniuk That's just not true. Biden has never stopped shipping weapons and ammunitions and provides special forces in Gaza and provides targeting data/assistance to Israel. They could have stopped the genocide instantly but refused to. They don't do this for Hamas. Secondly...Hamas is NOT Palestine and Palestine and Palestinians are NOT Hamas. The two words are not interchangeable. The bigger picture here is the way the jews are escalating a war against Iran and blaming Iran. Moreover, the famine and genocide going on in Gaza is NOT going ignored in Africa, Latin/South America, Asia, Russia and India. Israel and the USA by proxy have become a pariah to these areas containing 80% of the world's population

@Sensrhim4hizvewz I know you have a certain set view of Israel's position in the world and its influence. Or is it the Jewish position and influence in the world?
The Biden administration is a front. He knows nothing that is going on. The US is being run by Marxist/Atheists. Essentially, communists. I don't think I am confused when I say their target is Iran and Islam. They don't want a "theocratic" entity around being as they are essentially an atheistic movement. Of course, they ally with Israel. You know what though? They don't like Netanyahu. He isn't an atheist or Marxist. They look at him like Donald Trump. They'll let Israel do as much damage to the Palestinians as they can and then they'll say Netanyahu must go. Don't trust the Biden Admin to tell you any truths.
I liked the video, Thanks.

@FrankZeleniuk the confusion is......hard to sort out.

A kibbutz is a mixture of zionism and Marxism, but for all intents and purposes, they are 100% Marxists. The first kibbutz was formed well after karl marx wrote his book.

The nation of Israel was founded well after karl marx wrote his book too. The founder of israel was an atheist.

The confusion lies in that these people are atheists, but call themselves Jewish.

They say they are Jewish at birth, even if they don't believe in Judaism, just like karl marx,born of Jewish parents, but stated, religion is the opiate of the masses, clearly he didn't believe in Judaism either.

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