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When ACTUAL History is Forgotten, Antisemitism Resurges

SUMMARY: At age 67, I remember younger days watching old WWII movies and Documentaries showing the atrocities Jews went through via The Final Solution agenda of German Nazis… I am appalled people in Western Societies are allowing a resurgence of such Jew-Hatred… How does a Jewish identity survive when history AND the Holy Bible shows 1000s of years of efforts to exterminate people who identify tas Jews… It’s a God-Plan of Salvation …READ & WATCH: []
#Antisemitism #ToTheJewFirst #SalvationInChrist

JohnHouk 8 May 11
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This was not our fight.

This is a problem adopted by the U.N..

America would no longer need to finance israel's war crimes and America would no longer need to send aid to Palestinians if the U.N. just did their job as the world police they claim to be.

Hmm... The Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are the War Criminals (murder, maiming, raping, baby-killing and on and on). While the same idiot Arabs chose to be Human Shields as IDF sought punishment for Arab war criminals.


Israel didn't exist in 1930s

Yet the Land was promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob who keep Covenant with the Almighty. The Almighty dispersed Abraham's descendants when Covenant was broken. WITH THE PROMISE of Return to the dispersed. That was already happening in 1930. It's fruition of an Independent Jewish State happened in 1948 in spite of Covenant Breaking Jewish Zionists. WHY? It is a sign of the Return of Jesus. Which will give ALL Jews one last chance to recognize their Messiah.

@JohnHouk there is no race of jews, DNA proved that

@FocusOn1 The point of the post is NOT a genetic Race, but a Covenant. Just because the genetic markers were diluted by Roman dispersion did not end the Covenant.


The question I have long pondered is why do otherwise intelligent people become so easily captured by self destructive ideologies.  In this case the root of the problem seems to be self hatred.  

What is under attack is Western Civilization as expressed in "white guilt".  It is not that Europeans don't have plenty to feel guilty over.  The historical persecution of Jews being one example.  The why of that persecution is pretty simple.   Jews represent the alien among us.  A group of people that maintained a separate identity from the people they live among.  Even the black slaves in a way were more deeply assimilated into European culture by way of adopting Christianity.   So what does that have to do with "white guilt"?   The answer is complicated but it is tied to the form that atonement has been elected for the past and present "sins" of White Europeans.  The why of that is tied to the belief that you can't change the politics of a people without changing the culture.  Destroy the culture and you can rebuild the political apparatus.  What part of the Western European culture is preventing political change?  One obvious target is Christianity.  The other target is Nationalism.   It is no coincidence that the propaganda term "Christian Nationalist" has recently emerged as a way of identifying people opposed to the progressive movement.  It is also no coincidence that what is under attack in the campus protests is "Jewish Nationalism" as represented by the state of Israel.  If you believe that you have to change the culture to change the politics then by extension anyone who identifies as a Jew is guilty of cultural bigotry and racial hatred.   Anyone with a non-European culture or a non-white identity becomes by extension the "enemy of my enemy".  

Despite not being Christian Jews are very representative of Western Civilization.  They are fully assimilated into the culture of meritocracy.  Not unlike another group that is discriminated against by colleges.  The Asians who believe in individual meritocracy.   What cultures do not believe in individual meritocracy and maintaining a group identity?  Those are the "enemies of my enemy".   It is loosely tied to Marxism because one of the central tenets of Marxism is that merit or reward should not be tied to productivity but that a "gifting economy" should replace the Western competitive economy.  Oddly the Muslim culture fits fairly well into the same ideological pattern of merit through belief not in Marxism but in religion.  It promotes a hierarchy not based on competence but religious belief.   Israel represents a culture that very much believes in a culture of productive meritocracy undoubtedly as part of the assimilation of the Western Jews who established it.  To Western European people who believe in meritocracy the Jews are aliens but they are their aliens.   The enemy of the enemy that rejected meritocracy in favor of belief.  In the case of Western college students belief in the progressive ideology.  They have been convinced to hate their own culture and bond themselves with other belief systems because of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.  

The process by which these kinds of ideologies take hold is complicated but it almost always involves some form of self hatred.  Just as cults use the idea that a person is a "sinner" and their sins can only be atoned for by rejecting their friends, relatives, etc.  All the support networks that you would normally expect people to have.  Once that is completed it is easy to make the convert dependent on the cult for emotional existence.  It is precisely the process that these college students have gone through only at a society wide scale.  White guilt is essentially the product of rejecting your native culture.  Everything that you are is what you have absorbed through your culture.  Take that away and you take away their personhood.   You are no longer an individual but part of a group.  

Self love is a much misunderstood necessity.  Progressive confuse cultural identity with bigotry. They are not wrong. Bigotry is an unavoidable part of cultural identity just not in the sense they believe it to be. They also confuse discrimination with bigotry. They are not wrong. Bigotry always includes some level of discrimination.  They just don't understand discrimination.  There will always be a bit of bigotry or irrationality associated with self identity. No one can be perfectly rational.  Demanding perfection of others is one form that bigotry takes.  Progressives are masters of that manimulation.  

There was a time when culture and discrimination were considered virtues. The irony is that that perception was right. What we have to do is distinguish between humility, bravery, modesty, reverence, and pride. Pride was the first sin, it is what threw Satan into hell. It is a bit of folk wisdom that has been forgotten. What we have to do then is understand that love of self is not selfish. Using the same metaphorical background we can say that love of “God” is love of self. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be separated from God. We are allowed to love God and be happy through service to God. Now I wouldn’t equate love of culture with love of God. The metaphor breaks down. The point I’m trying to make is that self hatred serves no one. Here is how it works. You learn to love yourself through your virtue, that allows you to love you family, you learn to love your community through your family, love of community become love of your city, love of your city become love of your state, love of state become love of your country, love of your country becomes love of humanity.

The other part has to do with discrimination. In the past it was common to hear that someone was discriminating as a compliment. If you are not discriminating then you are not exercising agency and will not be a moral actor. This bit is a bit complicated in practice but the principle is sound. It is enough to say that if you are not discriminating you will not be virtuous. It isn’t helpful in the sense that it tells you nothing about what you should be discriminating about. But you should be at least open to the idea of discriminating against “bad” people. Of course the form that that discrimination takes is as important as the agency required.  When you take away people's ability to discriminate you take away their agency.  They become part of the mob and easy to control. 

Agency comes through what we call virtue or discipline, morality. Not by association with a group.  When you stop judging people as individuals you know you are on the wrong track.  

wolfhnd Level 8 May 12, 2024

Well thought out. I'm unsure that I agree with all of thought. But for the most part, there is wisdom in what you wrote.

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