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I guess I am here to get blocked by all of you but everything you see now is not the " Extreme Left ".
Biden is a centrist Catholic . He is not the worst the left could have thrown at you.

You hateful folks keep on crying about Soros but we seriously evaded a doomsday situation when Bloomberg recently lost the presidency
(Mister " Big Gay Ice Cream" himself). You cry about tankies demanding free stuff while Republican fundraisers sent campaign money to Andrew Yang . You complain about government psyop military industrial complex shills and yet you cheered when Tulsi Gabbard told you what you wanted to hear .

If you read the " Art of the Deal" , you would know that Trump has always been the swamp of Hollywood sex criminals who hire strawmen who make them seem sane by comparison . Nothing about Trump is sane. Trump hired crisis actors who were at the Capitol and people died in real life over it . This is a serious sickness and you need to snap out of it before we get destroyed by these cryptic internet money launderers . It is a big club and you are not in it. God is dead and he was replaced by these demigogues who pretend to speak on behalf of him. Nobody is coming to save you from yourself .

Mikewee777 7 May 22
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Biden is a child rapist, a pedo. His own daughter accused him of abuse -- in court. This sorta explains why Hunter liked to rape children -- and had videos of that on his laptop. Anyone unwilling to condemn his is of the same stripe. Like Hamas supporters.

You appear to be a blithering idiot on all fronts.


The pope is an atheist, biden supports abortions, fake catholic, real communist atheist.

Why? Because his actions show he supports communism.

How? Free Healthcare, free Crack pipes, etc. I told a "Christian" he gave out Free crack pipes and she said good, shes a fucking weirdo.

The trials and people putting on costumes is a big fucking circus. The pope dresses up like a kkk member with a costume, judges put on a robe, then get arrested for killing their wife.

If you have half of your foot in the matrix, you're still being fooled.

It's a big illusion designed to control you through fear.



Trump is a New York real estate developer. Twenty years ago he was consider fairly liberal. The left went crazy when he defeated Hillary Clinton, end of story.

wolfhnd Level 8 May 22, 2024

What's this? A plea for relevance?

I don't see too many of your posts, I guess.

What people hate here are narcissists who wish to control everybody's life and destroy societies [n their vain plans to do so. Sorry if you are offended and are one of those people who think you should love everyone - love is blind they say. A coup has occurred in your country, I mean the US, if you aren't an American, and it is a matter of identifying the culprits.

I guess it is a plea for relevance.

However , I am not some loving person.

You can look at my background and see more of a attempt to redeem myself from the awful things I did for Republicans .

@Mikewee777 Care to reveal what republicans you did awful things for?

You weren't a republican if you were doing awful things for them. Just like Democrats today aren't democrats. They are communist/socialists. If you were doing things for Dick Cheney I'd say some of them night have been pretty awful.


I joined the ARMY in 2005 .


You guessed correctly . You are a genius.

@Mikewee777 well...questionable.

It was the time of the neoconservative movement and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) founded by Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. You were probably pretty young then.
When there is deep suspicion that the White House today is run by a cabal and not Joe Biden, I mean it's obvious, I thought it was the first time a Presidency was a puppet but George W. Bush probably was the first to that degree being more of a figure head than governing the nation. Dick Cheney along with Bill Kristol and PNAC were neo-cons who ran the show.
Here's an interesting article describing what neo-conservatism is.



That article still does not explain why George W. Bush kissed King Abdullah on the lips while high on marijuana .

" Rules for thee are not for me ".

@Mikewee777 "W" is kind of irrelevant. It's customary for dignitaries to kiss the cheeks of the ruler of Saudi Arabia. It appears to be another of his flubs.


Biden is a Robert Drinan Catholic. He may as well worship the Devil!

sqeptiq Level 10 May 22, 2024
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