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Pelosi Slams Manchin: ‘Not Right’ For Him ‘To Say What We’re Doing Is Contributing To The Inflation’

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RitBorg 7 Feb 14
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Like almost all politicians Pelosi is a pathological liar; she is irrational (see "drunk" ) most of the time; Again, like most politicians she is "clueless" (see incompetent) and she may or may not have dementia - it's hard to tell because of her alcoholism.

iThink Level 9 Feb 14, 2022

True, there are so many layers to this “fascinating” individual.


Not just US inflation! Because it is after all still the leading world economy, it's affecting most of the free world as well. Here in AU, it's nearly 4% and fuel prices have gone through the roof. The USA was an oil exporter during the Trump era. It is now an oil importer under the Bidete administration.

angelo Level 8 Feb 14, 2022

Good point! There have been a lot of changes in the global energy market.


Pelosi lied... Americans died!

sqeptiq Level 10 Feb 14, 2022

There is a special place in hell for her, Chuck Schumer, and AOC.

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