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The first objective thought discrepancy is not recognizing that matriarchy is inherently socialist. This is why feminism, is now, as it’s always been a socialist political movement. Being female in no way endows it with virtue of some sort.

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“Why Matriarchies Fail”

The second objective thought discrepancy is that collation implies causation of anything. It’s well understood that “Correlation Does Not Imply Causation” by every thinking person – which apparently excludes socialists. {see below}

The third objective thought discrepancy is the Marxist belief that societies of any kind must be comprised of oppressed and their oppressors.

The fourth objective thought discrepancy is that meritorious upward mobility promotes inequality – rather than opportunity.

The fifth objective thought discrepancy is listening to these socialists whose only objective is to instill envious dissatisfaction in you and western civilization – aka covetousness. Socialism being the economic model that failed now wants to take the west down with them.

Compare the capitalist west to the leftovers of the now defunct former socialist Soviet Union – or rather compare the dreams of both one to the other. Compare the socialist leftover dreams, that Russia now has to deal with, to western capitalism – while it lasts that is. One look at Russia now is a look at massive apartments hives in which the socialists wanted to shove everyone equally while they lived a different life altogether -- same as Joe Biden et al. Apparently the communist key to eliminating oppression was, and still is, equal depression.


Every-time you hear the socialist accusations of racism that’s not what these socialists are actually saying – it’s the same old socialist utopianism lie that they’ve always been selling.

“Correlation Does Not Imply Causation: 5 Real-World Examples”

“The phrase “correlation does not imply causation” is often used in statistics to point out that correlation between two variables does not necessarily mean that one variable causes the other to occur.”



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“Tucker Carlson : OMG This is AMAZING”


“The term “gain of function” is often taken to refer to research with viruses that puts society at risk of an infectious disease outbreak for questionable gain. Some research on emerging viruses can result in variants that gain the ability to infect people but this does not necessarily mean the research is dangerous or that it is not fruitful.”


PS. Feel free to correct for yourself any errors that you discern – thanks in advance.

1914wizard 8 July 7
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