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The death of colorblindness

In the 1990s I worked in the corporate environment in the tech field. My job was to sit in a cube all day and code. My co-workers were typically nerdy White and Asian men, however, we did have the occasional female. Typically, the girls did not have a strong interest in coding, so they gravitated to project management or quality control. For some reason, while women may not like to code, they love writing status reports, holding meetings and creating PowerPoint presentations.

One of these girls was blonde and somewhat ditzy. While not a stupid person, she was not very interesting. The only reason I remember her is that her sister was dating a black at the time. While that was somewhat unusual at the time, what I remember is her saying that she never even noticed that he was a black. And, no, it was not because he was a fake black like Shaun King who looked White. It was, she proudly proclaimed, because she ‘did not see color.’

To me, such a statement would be like saying you did not notice the blizzard that dumped two feet of snow on the streets. How could one not notice obvious things? Of course, she did notice but she was parroting the virtue of claiming that she was ‘color blind.’

We still occasionally run into those ‘I don’t see color’ people. But,at this point, it is rather embarrassing. They are usually older people (usually Boomers) who are oblivious to the change of society. These are the type of people who still imagine classrooms that are majority White with cute kids with freckles placing their hands over their hearts as they say the pledge of allegiance. And the couple of cute black children that attend these schools are constantly in danger of White bullies.

They are oblivious to the fact that White kids are now the minority and the curriculum teaches them that they are evil for being White and America is evil. They are also oblivious to the fact that most of these schools are now jungles with kids hooting and screaming as they do funky dances during the lessons. And whatever bullying happens, is blacks ganging up and attacking White kids with immunity. School administrators fear the charge of ‘’racism’, so they turn a blind eye to black violence in the schools.

Race has always been the defining issue in America. For years, liberals were able to pretend that race was not real and it was only skin color. This is how the ‘I don’t see color’ propaganda started. Conservatives at the time warned that race was quite real, and the liberal project of trying to turn blacks into Whites was doomed to fail. Yes, you can change some behavior on the margins, but you cannot change genetics which is responsible for much differences in behavior and disposition.

Recently, a black driving crazy ran over a White BLM protestor in the street. Kamala Harris, who is hoping to be the Democrat VP nominee, condemned the incident without mentioning the driver. Of course, everyone who does not have brain damage (Hi Joe Biden!) or is not a liar knows the reason - the reason is that the driver is a black and Kamala Harris is black. Kamala very much sees color and she did not want to attack a member of her tribe. Even though there are no indications that Kamla knew the driver, she feels a racial kinship with him.

This kinship is reality based on biology. Humans are social animals. What is unique is that there has been propaganda that having such kinship is evil, but only of you are White. If you are of any other ethnicity, forming an ethnic identity is good and desirable. We see this all around us. The NFL has announced that the black national anthem will play at the start of every football game. Could you imagine a White national anthem? The screaming and hysterics would be off the charts.

So, yes, race is real. And if you are a ‘good’ White that ‘does not see color’ you are just being played as a fool.

ramzpaul 8 July 7
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Some of the boilerplate anti-White attitudes of the 1990s and even from 2010 just seem bizarre and ridiculous now.

I haven't heard someone say "we all bleed red" or "there is only one race, the human race!" in years...but 10 years ago I would run into seemingly endless number of NPCs who would just repeat these exact same phrases over and over in response to whatever I wrote.

One that is still clinging on a bit is self-hating White NPCs saying "How can I be anti-White? I am White"

I guess their brains still can't comprehend that hating White people doesn't magically stop being hate just because you yourself are White.

Those phrases you mentioned are the kinds of things I have heard from naive people trying to appease anti-white racists disguised as anti-racism activists.

People who say white people cannot be anti-white are probably some of the same people who would claim a person is terribly racist who said the same statement, only changing the colour... They don't see a problem with that, though, because they have redefined racism.

Interestingly, the one about "only one race" appeared recently among a series of alleged examples of "covert white supremacy" on a handout from the US Army Equity and Inclusion Agency. Also included was MAGA, the President's campaign slogan!



I knew this native American lady (boomer). She was a Republican and she told me she didn't see race. She also went to pow wows and got to use the free Indian hospital. She knew what color was when it came to her interest. I think she meant well.

People like her need to be told you may not see race but these other people will sure as heck see your race.

@LogicalExtreme White people always think they have Indian blood too. It's almost never the case.

@LogicalExtreme I got a DNA test. It was pretty much what I thought it would be. They changed it twice now. 100% European.


I think many blacks now see that they’ve been played like a fiddle for decades. Unfortunately they get called out for it in every single instance.

Don Lemon and Terry Crews just last night was sickening to watch. I doubt you missed it, but just in case....

I honestly doubt that most blacks think they’ve been played. They’re just in it for the loot. Blacks, next to Jews, have the greatest ethnic solidarity I’ve seen of any group in the US. Even if an individual black doesn’t agree with what another black is saying or doing, usually he will side with the other black on racial grounds. To not do so also carries a significant penalty in the black community.


I attended majority white schools in the 1990s. I was a small and nerdy kid which made me an easy target for abuse. Both white and black kids picked on me, but there was a major difference between the races. Several times I was violently attacked without provocation, and every one of those times the perpetrator was black. I was taught to be colorblind growing up, but very quickly I learned that to be colorblind in our society is to put your safety at risk. That lesson served me well when I later moved to Washington, DC, and then to New York City (thankfully, I left those places long ago).


White kids today are being taught at a very age to suppress their natural instincts to avoid groups that they witness exhibiting bad behavior.

The result is they find themselves unprepared in the real world and suddenly alone when faced with a threatening encounter.

Not only will no one support them, but they are ridiculed and punished if they dare to even complain about anyone Non-White.


Just like the Colber Repor.

Pand0ro Level 7 July 7, 2020

But I do appreciate your article. I see people writing on here who have bought into the "race is only a social construct" junk. They're very irritating.

Triumph Level 6 July 7, 2020

You could make you point without calling out the boomers. Most of the white people I see marching in the streets today are either Gen Z or late Millennials.

They're all grown up now. It's time to stop blaming the boomers for their misguided actions.

Triumph Level 6 July 7, 2020

Most of the younger people no longer claim ‘I don’t see color.’ Their entire focus is on race. And the focus is that Whites are evil and must be eliminated.

@ramzpaul Yes, I know. I recently had my say with a young teacher for for dwelling on the "evils" of whites in his history class. For my trouble I got an e-mail to my employer saying what an awful racist I am.

Your article is spot on. But I'm getting a bit defensive about the boomer generation being mentioned whenever the ills of society are mentioned.

In a large sense, this isn't the boomer's world any longer. The country has moved on and the boomers have taken their places in the background. I'm not complaining about that. It's only natural.

But the people of the boomer generation have very little influence on current events, regardless of if we're oblivious or not - and many aren't as oblivious as you might think.

I'm damn sure not.

@Thaw That's a misconception that's largely been pushed by those who aren't familiar with the millions of boomers who have spent their lives in rural flyover country.

Believe me when I tell you that they're not interested in virtue signaling and they see race.

Of course, that doesn't mean that they're hostile, violent people. But they're also not a bunch of old pot bellied hippies.

@Thaw Yes, I see that also. But it's definitely not limited to the boomer generation. There's huge numbers of people in successive generations who aren't based. I had hopes for generation Z. But it's starting to appear that there may be more than four turnings.

William Strauss and Neil Howe may need to edit their book to include a fifth, sixth, and possibly a seventh turning.

@LogicalExtreme Africans were brought into America long before I was born. I had nothing to do with it.

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