Martial Law: A dose of reality. America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew 2 Dec, 2020 Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said in a no-holds-barred interview that he doesn't believe the courts are likely to come through for ...
ajhilder WA Dec 3 Dec 3 00
Lt. General Thomas McInerney interview on Treason, the Death Penalty, Declaration of a National Emergency, and Marshall Law among other topics.
JasperLMiller IN Dec 2 Dec 2 00
Is gun detection tech a privacy concern or just hype-
SpikeTalon PA Dec 2 Dec 2 22
andaleyutro CO Dec 1 Dec 1 00
Leftists in the media say they haven’t seen any evidence of systematic fraud. That’s because they won’t attend any of the hearings that put forward this evidence. It’s like me saying I haven’t seen any lions or tigers even as I refuse to ...
2peros CA Dec 1 Dec 1 11
The time for sitting around and grumbling has passed . . . Long passed. If we do not take back our nation, our freedom now, we never shall have another chance. The boot, the jackboot of tyranny will be on us and our posterity forever. Please repost ...
lawrenceblair OR Dec 1 Dec 1 00
The assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist
andaleyutro CO Nov 30 Nov 30 11
1. Praise the Lord, who reigns above, And keeps His courts below; Praise Him for His boundless love, And all His greatness show; Praise Him for His noble deeds; Praise Him for His matchless power; Him, from ...
lawrenceblair OR Nov 30 Nov 30 00
ajhilder WA Nov 30 Nov 30 00
As a Democrat Liberal Gay Man am on several TERF lists... I mostly got on the those lists because (and I wish I was kidding) defended lesbians who were receiving death threats, rape threats and threats of violence on social media. I opposed public...
EarthBear66 WA Nov 29 Nov 29 11 SELF-RELIANT INDIVIDUALISM IS ANTITHETICAL TO SOCIALIST COMMUNISM! That is the explanation for the hatred socialism has for self-reliant individualist Men & the sophistry of a mythical patriarchy of toxic masculinity. The ...
1914wizard FL Nov 29 Nov 29 00
warminster100 Canada Nov 29 Nov 29 11
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
JasperLMiller IN Nov 29 Nov 29 00
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020--28 The Helmet Of Salvation “And take the helmet of salvation” (Ephesians 6:) The next necessary piece of spiritual armour is the ...
warminster100 Canada Nov 28 Nov 28 00
We presume that when people die they are no longer alive in the same way. Certainly not in their bodies, which clearly succumb to the natural process of decay once it stops functioning. Much of their personality comes from their memory, associations ...
rightalign TX Nov 28 Nov 28 00
The next president (Harris or Biden) might be the Neville Chamberlain of this generation.
pbuck0145 Canada Nov 27 Nov 27 11
Fascism is life
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 27 Nov 27 00
The biggest mistake I think we made with Christianity is believing that it isn't natural. Because, really, all those natural processes that we see in agriculture - the way that nature works including the constant drive towards fruitfulness, ...
rightalign TX Nov 27 Nov 27 11
1 ’TWAS not to make Jehovah’s love Towards the sinner flame, That Jesus, from His throne above, A suffering man became. 2 ’Twas not the death which He endured, Nor all the pangs He bore,...
lawrenceblair OR Nov 27 Nov 27 00
One of my favourites was by Abraham Lincoln = " Although I do not agree with what you have to say - I will defend to the death your right to say it " Agreed !
AnnieBabe Australia Nov 27 Nov 27 11
Thanksgiving Prayer – STOP ELECTION THEFT Thanksgiving is tomorrow. The very day of thanks many Dem-Marxist tyrant Governors are trying to cancel with COVID fearmongering. THAT SAID, Wouldn’t it just grind Dem-Marxist teeth if the Dem Party ...
JohnHouk OK Nov 26 Nov 26 00
Death is the limit that gives life a meaning. We would probably do nothing if life was endless.
giorgia Italy Nov 26 Nov 26 88
Is anyone here interested in seeing the results of a survey which looks into the possible connection between divorce, abandonment and death of a father and atheism in adults? The survey would ask about the respondents gender, country and ...
Ian_Newton Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 44
Is anyone here interested in seeing the results of a survey which looks into the possible connection between divorce, abandonment and death of a father and atheism in adults? The survey would ask about the respondents gender, country and ...
Ian_Newton Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 11
LINK An End To All You Know – Jayce Ran's Sweet Insanity
jayceran ME Nov 25 Nov 25 00
California EDD Sent Millions in Unemployment Benefits to Inmates in Jails and Prisons EDD Strike Team made recommendations to reform EDD processes, but nothing to prevent or detect fraud By Katy Grimes, November 24, 2020 4:57 pm Tuesday ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 25 Nov 25 11
"It's just another bad flu."
CourseofEmpire Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Delaware computer repair shop behind Hunter Biden's laptop closes shop after receiving death threats- The Delaware computer repair shop whose owner reportedly provided a copy of a hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Functional SARS-CoV-2-specific immune memory persists after mild COVID-19 Lauren B. Rodda 6 Jason Netland 6 Laila Shehata 7 Daniel J. Campbell David J. Rawlings Marion Pepper Show all authors Show footnotesPublished:November 23, ...
RMSPT TX Nov 24 Nov 24 11
The Fasces and Mussolini The fasces, symbol of fascist power, are a prominent architectural motif on many Washington, D.C., structures, including the Supreme Court. In fact, the very first act of Congress was to make the fasces the official ...
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 24 Nov 24 22
ABC Journalist Jonathan Karl Caught in Yet Another Moment of Mask Hypocrisy
RealAlexJones TX Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Just about right.
eschatologyguy Philippines Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Trump distances himself from Sidney Powell. Is the Kraken dead?
ramzpaul OK Nov 23 Nov 23 55
Western civilization suffers from a terrible social disease that has been normalized, and even socialized. It is legalized and inter-weaved into our economic, political and judicial systems at national levels. It impacts our daily lives and costs ...
DrHiebert Canada Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Death Row Executions - Ep 52 The Story Of Larry Gene Bell Of South Carolina
Andyman MD Nov 22 Nov 22 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-11-22 CHRIST’S HUMILITY “…being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death—even...
warminster100 Canada Nov 22 Nov 22 00
“Both dreams and myths are important communications from ourselves to ourselves. If we do not understand the language in which they are written, we miss a great deal of what we know and tell ourselves in those hours when we are not busy ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 21 Nov 21 11
PHILADELPHIA: Female Trump Lawyer Protected By US Marshals After Receiving Death Threats As the battle for the White House reaches the level of white-hot intensity, the Marxist-Progressive Left and power-hungry Democrats are pulling out all ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 20 Nov 20 22
DailyWire: Tim Pearce: California Dem Official Wonders How To ‘Deprogram’ Conservatives Like In ‘Post-WWII Germany’ So Conservatism is a "death cult."
timon_phocas CO Nov 20 Nov 20 66
"YOU WANT TO SAVE LIVES??" Why is the Globalist United Nations concerned about lost lives when that's exactly what they want? Ned: "Well, it just came across the feed - today we passed the 250,000 dead Americans mark..." Tang: "It is to ...
Zteph Canada Nov 19 Nov 19 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-11-19 FULL OF THANKSGIVING “ that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of ...
warminster100 Canada Nov 19 Nov 19 11
“The further Fascism receded into history and the fewer visible fascists there were on display, the more self-proclaimed anti-fascists needed fascism to retain any semblance of political virtue or purpose. It proved politically useful to describe ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 18 Nov 18 22
Lefties went full retard. Never go full retard. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Declares Racism a Countywide Public Health Crisis Feckless Supervisors intend to establish a ‘Sacramento County Racial Equity Policy Cabinet’ By Katy ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 18 Nov 18 22
William Luther Pierce I'm doing this bio on D.WLP not because he was a hard fascist. He was a soft fascist at best, but he was extremely instrumental, extremely intelligent, and influenced a lot of people who were/are fascists, such as Duterte. I ...
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 18 Nov 18 22
Parler CEO says platform serves as 'community town square'
RAZE AZ Nov 18 Nov 18 22
Your Guide to the Great Reset - Corbett Report
ajhilder WA Nov 16 Nov 16 00
THIS AIN'T NO BLACK PLAGUE The plague was the cause of the Black Death that swept through Asia, Europe, and Africa in the 14th century and killed an estimated 50 million people. This was about 25% to 60% of the European population. 12 ...
Zteph Canada Nov 15 Nov 15 00
🔴 The first episode of our new series will premiere in the next couple hours! I hope you guys will join me. youtube video series subscribe
MysteryArchive KS Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Company Refutes Claims?
1patriot Canada Nov 15 Nov 15 44
Adrila Muniz - 6 year old girl devoured by piranhas Adrila Muniz was only 5 years old when, in 2015, she was devoured by piranhas. This is his story. Adrila Muniz Adrila is found with her mother, grandparents and 4 siblings shortly before ...
Andyman MD Nov 14 Nov 14 11
A global transformation at what cost? What is "The Great Reset"? With James Delingpole
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 14 Nov 14 11
Gotta admire the creativity of some kids...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 14 Nov 14 11
How's it goin' the group dead yet?
argus2019 AR Nov 14 Nov 14 11
Who’s To Blame for Biden Win?!
FrozenSoul NC Nov 13 Nov 13 00
Even back then, on the wrong side of things.
CourseofEmpire Canada Nov 12 Nov 12 22
For Portland Black Lives Matter rioters, Biden isn't enough. They want death to America- Despite some Democrats' high hopes that unity could be achieved once the bad orange man left office, it is clear that the mob is ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 12 Nov 12 33
Boris Johnson has led a fascist coup against the United Kingdom. If that sounds like an exaggeration, just ask yourself how you’d have felt a year ago — or even six months ago — if you’d been told a British government was planning to ...
ieuan UK Nov 12 Nov 12 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-11-11 TESTAMENTS TO HIS GRACE “Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a live coal in his hand....With it he touched my mouth and said, ‘See, this ...
warminster100 Canada Nov 11 Nov 11 00
Breaking Nothing to see here via @YouTube
YellowPill Canada Nov 10 Nov 10 11
Graham Grills McCabe Over CIA Memo Showing Hillary Clinton Behind Russia Hoax
RealAlexJones TX Nov 10 Nov 10 00
1. Lord! where shall guilty souls retire, Forgotten and unknown? In hell they meet Thy dreadful fire, In heaven Thy glorious throne. 2. Should I suppress my vital breath To shun the wrath divine, Thy ...
lawrenceblair OR Nov 7 Nov 7 00
It’s been smoke and mirrors all the way through Trump's presidency. Not from him though, he’s been irritatingly open, but from groups of politicians, public figures, and media who point fingers in one direction, keeping the public looking there ...
Starlight TX Nov 6 Nov 6 00
Breaking DougFord Killing Economies Toronto 'Pickle Barrel' restaurant PERMANENTLY closes after 40 years due to lockdown restrictions over 99.4% covid employees SurvivalRate via @RebelNewsOnline
YellowPill Canada Nov 6 Nov 6 00
You can't buy hapiness....
Haraldson Nov 5 Nov 5 22
Trump Should Deploy ICE to Investigate Democrat non-citizen voters in Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County) "Every non-citizen vote is a vote stolen from an American!"
ALIPAC NC Nov 4 Nov 4 11
Windows Boarded Up at Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Center!!!
RealAlexJones TX Nov 4 Nov 4 00
If you had a mail-in ballot, absentee ballot, or early voting, make sure to verify that your ballot was counted. This way if there were any problems, you still have tomorrow to vote.
TheMiddleWay OH Nov 2 Nov 2 11
Fake Kamala Harris Caught Tricking Minority Voters At Florida Polling Station
Andyman MD Nov 2 Nov 2 00
LINK Cages Finale | Everything You Should've Known But Didn't - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Nov 1 Nov 1 11
Three thousand years ago everyone each had their own ideas about God, until they all converted to one man when he came back down the mountain with the Law. A thousand years later there were diverse and squabbling sects and everyone each had his own ...
Vivo Canada Oct 31 Oct 31 22
(URGENT) David icke |They Organized It From The Beginning|AGENDA 21 (NEW)
ajhilder WA Oct 31 Oct 31 00
LINK Walter wallace JR career criminal
BELMARDAY4 NY Oct 29 Oct 29 22
LINK UPDATED: Shocking Report Leaked in Breonna Taylor Death Investigation Shows How Involved She Really Was
BELMARDAY4 NY Oct 29 Oct 29 11
Looters now targeting Philly atm's with explosives-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 29 Oct 29 33
Another church is burned to the ground by the God haters.
lawrenceblair OR Oct 29 Oct 29 00
Video: Watch Police Run From Looters and More
RealAlexJones TX Oct 27 Oct 27 11
Parents of man killed by illegal immigrant kicked out of Kamala Harris' office-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 27 Oct 27 33
1. How are Thy servants blest, O Lord, How sure is their defence! Eternal wisdom is their guide, Their help, omnipotence. 2. In foreign realms, and lands remote, Supported by Thy care, Through burning ...
lawrenceblair OR Oct 27 Oct 27 00
"Guillotines, Motherfcker": Colorado Democratic Committee Member Caught On Hidden Camera Talking Violent Revolution
RMSPT TX Oct 26 Oct 26 00
Hunter Biden Creepy Crack Crook S Chris at USA.Life Group Conservatives United shares a synopsis of the crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop which he found on Facebook. My guess that Facebook post has been censored because I was booted from ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 26 Oct 26 00
‘We Are in Genocide’: Kanye West Blames ‘Abortion Culture’ For Allowing 1,000 Black Children To Be Aborted Daily!
RealAlexJones TX Oct 25 Oct 25 22
The shift in tactics by Hollywood for this Election now involves television reunions for Biden- The celebrities in Hollywood are experiencing a curiosity in their lives, and livelihoods — diminishing rates of influence. After ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 24 Oct 24 33
“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” – Proverbs : Death in the Bible doesn’t always mean literal, physical death. A lot of times is means, “out of the presence of”. The Prodigal...
Melancton IA Oct 24 Oct 24 00
Are legal fictions, state incorporated entities, that have applied (prayed) to the United States Department of Internal Revenue for legal recognition as: Title 26 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit, ORGANIZATIONS, legal fictions, using the word ...
Melancton IA Oct 24 Oct 24 00
“Church. In its most general sense, the religious society founded and established by Jesus the Christ (Yahushua ha Mashiach, aka Yahushua the anointed, dejure, lawful, rightful, sovereign, king, law maker, ruling judge: god & master ) to ...
Melancton IA Oct 24 Oct 24 00
Conrad Black: Coronavirus hysteria will soon come to an end 15-18 minutes Skip to Content NP Comment Soon, the U.S. election will be over, and whatever the result, the rationale for the Democratic anti-Trump press (faithfully parroted by ...
DRrightRD Canada Oct 23 Oct 23 11
8-year-old girl runs away from home: raped and killed - Vika Teplyakova Vika Teplyakova is eight years old, but she soon learned to be independent. She had to do it, because her parents live a wild life and don't take care of her. After yet ...
Andyman MD Oct 20 Oct 20 11
Anthony J Hilder with G Edward Griffin Chemtrails
ajhilder WA Oct 20 Oct 20 11
Original thought is like original sin: both happened before you were born to people you could not have possibly met. - Fran Lebowitz
Krunoslav Croatia Oct 20 Oct 20 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-10-20 THE WORK OF GOD “Your kingdom come...” (Matthew 6:10) When we pray, are we concerned with the work of God? Basic perfected praying...
warminster100 Canada Oct 20 Oct 20 11
TAKING STOCK My usual statement on the nine-hour workday should be fine. I work at home at a comfortable pace. I just never really work. My mind is always on an image and an action that defines that which gave birth to us. I've asked you...
Zteph Canada Oct 19 Oct 19 00 MASCULINITY IS DISCOVERY FOLLOWED BY CREATIVITY: After some thought I couldn’t skip discovery & go straight to creativity. After all nobody actually creates something from nothing as took place in the beginning....
1914wizard FL Oct 19 Oct 19 00
Went to the pharmacy today. Got what I needed and went up to the registers. There were two people in front of me so I took my spot on the little six foot social distancing mark. I turned to my left and saw this display. I literally laughed out ...
KCSantiago TX Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Sweden's rank in global COVID- deaths continues to fall as other countries move up the list
Rosary_Trace GA Oct 18 Oct 18 11
Coronavirus Fraud Scandal — The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun - Lawsuit Initiated. The German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss), launched July , 2020, was ...
ajhilder WA Oct 17 Oct 17 11
Funny and - well, true
iThink KS Oct 16 Oct 16 33
Go to YouTube and look up BIDEN HANDLERS BREAK SILENCE. It proves Biden knows the questions before hand and uses a teleprompter for the answers
farmerguy56 PA Oct 16 Oct 16 11
"The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539. That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly 0.14%. Right ...
lawrenceblair OR Oct 15 Oct 15 22