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Stefan Molyneux Silenced

Stefan Molyneux was banned from Twitter yesterday. This ban comes within a week of his ban from YouTube. Big Tech is not even attempting to hide its coordination when they censor political dissidents.

Of course, it is not hard to coordinate an attack when it is conducted by the same organizations. The people who rule the censorship of Google, Facebook and Twitter belong to the ADL or SPLC. Both the ADL and the SPLC are Jewish Leftist organizations that have the goal of eliminating free speech in America. Well, to be more specific, they are okay (currently) with the government not arresting you for speech, but they want to pressure all companies from interacting with you unless you have ADL approved opinions. So you can say what you want in the privacy of your own home, but if you want to have a job, attend a school or buy a service or product from a giant corporation, you better keep your mouth shut.

“And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.”

And what is that number according to scriptures? A repeating 6. How interesting that number keeps popping up!

What should be our reaction to the banning of people such as Molyneux? Should we cry and complain to Twitter that they made a mistake? That seems to be the typical response. Has it ever worked? No. I imagine that the censors just laugh as they watch the victim plead for mercy.

What we need to do, is to create a world in which, one day, these evil people are the ones pleading for mercy. And we need to create such a world independent upon the approval of such despicable people.

The first step is we need to stop crying and acting like these people made an ‘error’. No, the censors did not commit a mistake, like a schoolboy adding his sums up incorrectly. These people acted in malice to silence an opposing view. By suggesting that they made a ‘mistake’ is providing cover for them. We need to see these people as our enemies, and we have no reason to discuss the rights of our people with our enemies. Those rights are inalienable, and are not up for debate. We just need to note that these people committed an act of violence against us, and note that for the future.

The better way forward than giving our enemy pleasure with our tears, is to move forward in stoic silence with an increased determination that we will one day restore justice and liberty for our people.

Stefan Molyneux was not some crazed Nazi that wanted to harm people. He just wanted to discuss topics in an intellectual manner. He was silenced. In America. We must learn our lessons of how our country was subverted and how we can prevent that from ever happening again.

ramzpaul 8 July 8
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A shame you ended with the "some crazed Nazi" formula: nothing gives ADL & SPLC etc. more pleasure than our affirmation of their insistence that "Nazis are evil," or even crazed.
Just spent the last hour critiquing a discussion of Peter Fritzsche's "Hitler's First Hundred Days." []

First: Unless Hitler & Nazism are condemned, the book does not get published.

Second: Why is there so much mention of Nazism, Hitler these days? I submit it's a gambit to rev up sympathy as well as provide a smokescreen for a certain group at a time when that group is making a massive bid for power-- IMO we are in the midst of a zionist+collaborators takeover of USA.
That being the case, why reprise WWII? Consciously or unconsciously, zionists are pursuing a strategy similar to the destruction of Germany, starting by reversing the aggressor-defender roles.

Third: Fritzsche makes the same omissions & commissions as every other holocauster: he bashes Germans for the April 1, 1933 boycott, but fails to mention the international boycott begun ~Mar 24, 1933 & carried on until 1941.
Similarly, Fritzsche fails to mention the crucial fact reported by Rabbi Stephen Wise in his autobiography that "On Feb. 14, 1933, Louis Brandeis directed that "All German Jews must leave Germany; all 587,000 German Jews . . ." The number is significant: there were perhaps a million Polish & Russian Jews in Germany (Fritzsche mentions this) but Brandeis was not concerrned about them, just the wealthy, educated German Jews: Palestine needed them but did not need nor have holding capacity for E. European Jews, whom Arthur Ruppin considered of "unsuitable human material" for the "new Jew" to populate Palestine.

Fourth: He condemns NSDAP for laws forbidding German-Jewish male-female relations but fails to mention that zionist Jews in USA demanded such separations -- Rabbi Stephen Wise discusses this intense inner-Jewish debate in his autobiography; and a centerpiece of Jewishness is separateness from the non-Jew.

Fifth: Fritzsche reports that after NSDAP won election in March 1933, some mayors and parlaimentarians were "paraded in the streets and some were humiliated . . . In order to show that these are completely wicked people and that the people’s justice in whose name the Nazis claim that they are acting . . . Is being served."

Well, YES, isn't that what a government is supposed to do when an attempt to subvert it has been thwarted?

Isn't that what many would like Trump to do: Frog-march a whole swamp-full of duals and subversives? And in the end, isn't "humiliating completely wicked people" a rather benign form of retribution?

In summary, Ramzpaul, it's time to re-think Nazism and the history of WWII that we've been forcefed for all our lives. At very least, stop doing the adversary's work for it; stop affirming the adversary's vilification of NSDAP.


"Stefan Molyneux was banned from Twitter yesterday." GOOD.

CIDDIC Level 1 July 8, 2020

Why is that good?


"Stefan Molyneux was not some crazed Nazi that wanted to harm people."

Great point, but our country is not being subverted by "Nazis." I don't know why Nazis - a group from 75 years ago with no power today - is held up as the eternal boogeyman. Nazis don't exist anymore and again, even if they did, they have no power whatsoever. The powers that be need to find a different and more believable boogeyman.

YotterO Level 4 July 8, 2020

They're the boogieman because our historical narrative was written by communist jews in the media and universities.


People will migrate. They will go to bitchute and slug etc...

Twitter and Youtube will do fine with baking videos and entertainment news or well as all the usual anti-White crap...but anyone for interesting or dissident perspectives will find paces like this.

Our enemy hates freedom, desires total control and loves to abuse...but those of us who like freedom will find our way to more freedom friendly venues.


Good snippet from Zmans blog today. Very accurate.

"That’s the real motivation behind this race war unleashed by the ruling class. They needed to inspire the faithful.

This need to constantly tend their own garden is why the rulers are now banning harmless people like Stefan Molyneux from the internet. Whatever you may think of his performances, Molyneux is pretty much just a garden variety AnCap. He sprinkles in some crime data and facts about race on occasion, but he has not done much of that in a long time now. Instead, he has retooled himself into a street corner Socrates, but he was banned from social media anyway.

People on this side are tempted to think his banning is due to his occasional flirtations with race realism, but if that were so he would have been zapped years ago. In reality, the people in charge are running low on people willing to go onto their stages and play the villain for them. Twitter is all house broken conservatives and Progressive cranks, with the latter outnumbering the former 100-to-1. After years of human sacrifice, the stock of sinners is running low, so they are creating them.

Therein lies a significant difference between what we are witnessing today and what went on in communist countries. At some point after the war, communist propaganda shifted from promoting the glorious future that was at hand to promoting the glories of the here and now. That is, the point of communist propaganda was to endlessly remind the people in the party that there was no need for change, just constant vigilance against the remaining reactionaries."


It reminds me of a quote from an email i got once.
"Back in the 1880's when the pathogen first began to spread to the US (from Russia) our leadership did not take them seriously. For one thing, in the aftermath of the Union victory in the "Civil War" money had won and the age of the Robber Barons was in full swing. Our leaders seemed to have viewed them as another nominally White ethnicity. This is somewhat understandable even though history up to that point showed multiple examples of them being unassimilable and corrosive. Still, to this point they had never fully infested and perverted the leadership strata of any nation. By the 1920s and 30s the threat was very real."

"and then, for no reason at all..."


"So you can say what you want in the privacy of your own home"?
Don't even count on that. If you have an Alexa or a smart TV in your house, these devices are also listening in to conversations.

And they are programming A.I. apps to be SJWs. When you ask Siri if ALL lives matter she says she doesn't understand the question. When you ask Siri if black lives matter she says yes of course.

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