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Any silver linings we can expect in all of this ? How do you stay positive ? Let’s assume Biden has indeed won, whether through foul play or legitimately. I think it’s easy to say that his failures will be an eye opener to most Americans, but be careful with that thought process. I thought the same when Obama won and not much has changed. It only took a major wild card like Donald Trump to tap into a significant part of the population, as opposed to the typical controlled opposition neocon who is always destined to lose. He was truly a once in a lifetime candidate. With Biden being in bed with the corporations, educational institutions, the media, and Hollywood, Americans will have a much tougher time seeing the truth. It’s a lot more glaring now than it has been 12 years ago.

So how do we stay positive ? What do you think can happen that help us as a result of this election ?

I think the true red pill is that who the president is has little bearing on your own life. You’re mostly responsible for adapting to the reality of what’s happened and it’s going to be a struggle, but you can use that as an opportunity to hedge against dangers while your smug peers think that a Biden win will erase all the troubles they like to blame on the orange man. I’m sure I’ll have to pay more taxes and I know the courts and “system” will be against me, an average straight white man, but I have hope we will find a way.

But do share your ideas and thoughts, it’s going to be a wild ride and the more we can talk about now, the better off we may be.

Wafflestomper 6 Nov 7
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Trump will be the last Republican President, after this election there simply isn't a path of victory for any republican. Soon you'll see more stupid "outreach" programs to try and win minority votes, I'm sure republicans will be lining up to tear down the border wall.


My Goal is self-determination, not a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural empire. This works to our advantage, 70 million people just learned voting is meaningless.


I've been a Federal employee (civilian) since W was in office. No real change in my day-to-day life, although even the biggest White libs in my agency were steadfastly against ol' Chairman Obama bringing in ACORN to do the decennial Census.


I've got a path to citizenship in the EU, so I don't have to be tied down to America forever. I guess you guys don't either. There's just one extra rope tying the average American to America compared to me.


As long as the R's hold the Senate not much will change. Oh, I know the people holding his ass up will demand "Executive Orders" on this or that. We'll see how that goes, but as far as laws being passed? Eh, probably not so much


Minorities that voted for Trump are going start questioning the political machines in Democratic cities. Who knows where those questions will lead.

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