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He's never gonna stop, is he? Send more bucks, we need more money. Remember, No Refunds

MikeHunt 7 Nov 20
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These two would take the pennies off your eyes.

guru Level 7 Nov 23, 2020

They are waiting for the day they can just send out the IRS to grab all the money they want, and be re-enforced by uniformed thugs with guns if anyone refuses.

Of course the Plan is to take away our nasty "Assault Weapons" first, mine sunk that tragic day on the lake


The Bore & The Whore. How totally prefect for USA2020.

JATW Level 6 Nov 20, 2020

Is that a twatter twat or an email to George?

Mister Soros pays in cash

@MikeHunt That's good cause actblue takes a portion for antifa

@cRaZyTMG BLM too "Weez Reeech"

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