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I find it interesting that people think Trump is the problem, rather than a symptom of other problems, as if all of our problems started with him. And as if the milquetoast, half-assed approach Biden has in mind is going to fix any of our problems. We need radical change. We need a societal change. We need a change in how people view themselves in relation to government. Because we are not going to vote our way out of our problems. The country was pulling apart before Trump got there. How else would you explain it? There are states that haven't gone to a Republican candidate for president since Reagan was in office. That was 36 years ago. And there are states that haven't voted for a Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter in the late seventies. Over 40 years ago. People have dug in, and they're not moving. If you look at maps of presidential elections prior to that time, practically every state was up for grabs by both parties. Swing states were not the centerpiece of presidential politics that they've been in the past thirty years. A candidate could break past 50 percent in the popular vote and frequently did. Today elections are close, with margins razor thin. No one that wins this election much less any election in the past 30 years can or has been able to claim anything that resembles what people call a mandate. Nothing changes. Those who try to change anything, outsiders like Bernie or Trump, who have popular movements, they end up knee-capped and reduced to being feckless and ineffective, because they're coopted by establishment shills from whatever major party they're trying to work within to make change. Or, their movements become a magnet for grifters, career climbers and other assorted slimeballs. Their message gets watered down, they're sabotaged at the ballot box, or once in office, they are subject of smears that they are the sock puppet of foreign powers for the next four years. Nothing changes. And I'm sick of it.

RLeeBarker 6 Nov 22
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Yes exactly. There will still be riots because of white cops having to justifiably kill black criminals because they pointed a gun at them. Healthcare will still be a mess. Biden probably won’t do anything on student loans. There may even be a new war in the works and most people will see less wealth because of higher tax rates and economic consequences of the lockdowns. Anyone gloating from this election that the orange man lost (he hasn’t conceded yet!), I hope you’re prepared for the reality that will hit you. Anyone on the right has learned over the past several years that the system is against those on the right. But as someone who mostly aligns right, I learned quickly how to adapt to the reality created for people like us.

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