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ADL expands crackdown on Free Speech to banking industry.

ramzpaul 8 July 27
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In Australia its called a Kangaroo Court you can never win.


The constitution is dead for all practical purposes. The corruption of Americas institutions are complete, laws mean nothing anymore and you must be of a chosen group to even hope for justice.
It' s over for America, lets build something better.
We have the brains and the skills to start over, it may yet still be impossible , but things can change when times get desperate.

Welder1 Level 6 July 27, 2021

I suggest that the real meaning of ADL is "Always Defaming League."


Hopefully the people will send the Democrats and Rhinos such a defeat in 2022 that the excesses of power can start to be corrected.

Where I differ from the libertarian types is I see the shift towards authoritarianism along the lines of China's move towards fascism and social credit scores as much an indication of incompetence as corruption. There has always been plenty of corruption but when it's combined with incompetence it has a multiplier effect. People like Pelosi are not just corrupt megalomaniacs they are foolish. Same goes for Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and Twitter twit Dorsey.

Within Western and for that matter most cultures wisdom has always been associated with righteousness. Foolishness is often associated with youth. Many people who come to power have never properly matured. They also exploit immaturity. Hitler Youth, Red Guard, and 60s counter culture are examples. What we are living through can be understood from the perspective of the "Lord of the Flies". []

Maturing requires certain experiences that connect people with reality but post WWII parents have protected their children from reality. They made sure they didn't suffer the consequences of their youthful foolishness. The youth culture was reinforced by demographics in the form of the Baby Boom. It's really that culture that Jordan Peterson is addressing.

Pelosi, Bush junior, the tech lords, BLM, AntiFa, most communists, etc. are from a wisdom perspective children in adult bodies.

I'm not suggesting that a lack of wisdom or a failure to properly mature is the only problem. Power is a corrupting influence under the best of circumstances. Youth culture simply reinforces corruption and explains some of the cognitive bias and tolerance for cognitive dissonance. Children generally only know what they want not how to properly pursue it and never understand the proper role of freedom in a liberal society.

wolfhnd Level 8 July 27, 2021

Some explanation of what maturity means seems in order.

Maturity is often defined as rejecting dependence and becoming a self sufficient adult that is willing to take on responsibility. That is probably in line with maturity in a state of nature. Humans however are cultural creatures and civilization is a state of interdependence beyond the tribal level. Thousands of years of cultural evolution has produced more abstract concepts of maturity often in reference to a religious or secular religious concept of virtue. In the West virtue became associated with Christian philosophy by default but was also influenced by Greek, Roman and other non religious philosophers. The time tested virtues for convenience sake can be taken from Christian literature. Seven virtues of historical prominence are listed below.

Humility against pride, kindness against envy, abstinence against gluttony, chastity against lust, patience against anger, liberality against greed, and diligence against sloth.

They closely align with Jordan Peterson's rules for life because he has humbly extracted them from cultural traditions. While they may seem trite, simplistic, and ethnocentric there is a certain universality to them. The same concepts of virtue can be found in diverse cultures slightly altered to fit environmental factors. What is interesting is that while youth culture rejects many of them it also seems to turn to alien cultures for virtues. Reflecting the biological drive of youth to alienate from the parent culture. This would in the natural state aid in gene dispersal but in the civilized state often a barrier to fitness.

The association between maturity and virtue is not accidental. Maturity is associated with wisdom acquired through the experience of how virtue plays out in the culture. Paradoxically a key component of wisdom is humility. Most of the foolishness and failures of the progressive movement are tied to a lack of humility and in the later half of the twentieth century to the domination of youth culture. The first half is tied to the brutality of youth as represented in the above mentioned novel "Lord of the Flies".

The question is if there was ever a time when humans were not brutal and the answer is that over time culture has reduced violence by delegating it to the state. See Steven Pinker's "Better Angeles of Our Nature". One of the virtues of maturity is patience that disrupts the anger of youth. The wise person is patient because they humbly accept not only their own limitations but the limitations on cultural perfection.

I have a lot more to say but I will return if there is interest.

Need you say more -got it in a nutshell!

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