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A gaming journalist gets triggered by the ethnic composition of a small gaming company.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 12
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Also remember that some SJW's were all beside themselves with angst that the Vikings show neglected to show all the black Viking raiders. Umm. The only bloody way any non-whites would show up that frickin far north is if the Vikings had gone to the Med and brought back black slaves -- sold to them by other blacks, of course.
I know that out there somewhere is some worthless waste of human protoplasm that is not horrified that movies don't show inclusive snow.


America was a great place to live until minorities took over. And the helpless minorities will never achieve anything once the whites are gone.

Welder1 Level 7 Aug 12, 2021

Back in the 1800's that 'woman' in the picture with the white T-shirt would have been stoned for showing her knees.Stone the Gaming Journalist. Lets go Gaming.Good luck to Racoon.


If it's a great game, then play the game!

Democrats will say that the games are hate games.


Gaming "journalists" were revealed as a pack of worthless idiots by GamerGate. They accepted $$ to push games that were woke. Actual gamers revolted and revealed their corruption.
So, we are now to accept that some "journalists" is rightfully offended? Bite me.


A group of white guys can get along fine without a black DEI gxl---and that's a problem!

sqeptiq Level 10 Aug 12, 2021

may be he should look at the ethnicity of the local masonic lodge

KeVince Level 8 Aug 12, 2021
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