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Mikaela is a "gold Digger", whose main profession is beeing "daughther", of a multi millionaire...

Did you never asked yourself, why the went he to Russia? Into a "hospital", similar to fucking purgatory ? And also the "artifiscial coma", i know a little bit about drugs and addiction but "artifiscial coma" i NEVER heard....

But the angel with the golden hair confessed him, first that he had "a problem", and i bet after she told him this she activated the female main argument and started crying. You incels probably don't know but nearly EVERY female can cry on command....
As this was finished she confessed him from this mad russian trip, where he should have had died during the "artifiscial coma"...paying medics in russia for such thing is neither as expensive as in the states nor is it as dangerous if you may have badluck and ask one of the few rigthous ones...
And now the only thing mylady had to do was waiting, till jordan would (finally...) have died . And then through this "tragic" event , she would have become rich as ....

But hey, moscow has a few very good hotels and cause waiting is "boring" she brought her alpha chad with her. And then she waired, on all fours, on her knees...

But "" survived the artifiscial coma, i bet when they told her she at first really was in fear...but then she met him and was relived. Even as the shell survived , the intellectual died. Jordan will never be jordan again....i bet he talked to her about her life, her spendings and holidays. And that he would not tolerate it any longer , that all she does is Prokrastination. Throwing his out of the Window, and screaming alpha chad(s) name(s) in luxury hotels all around the world...but as jordan spongebob peeterson he won't be a danger for her lifestyle any longer.

If you may read this bitch, i hope you know that in hell there is a special place reserved for scum like you are...

GermanGrunt 5 Aug 22
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Jordan Peterson has never disappointed me. I wish him and his entire family well throughout this crisis.


His "fragility"...yes he started throwing xanax after a food poisoning (sic!) , instead admitting the Pills helped him to feel better and Life with the presure from all the sides...

And how "surprised" he was that xanax , after a few weeks daily use , will lead to moments of "discomfort" ( we "poorer" people call this "withdrawl symptoms"...)

I know how he felt, detox is never "nice", or with different words the best of detox is the relapse. At least för a few days the drugs wiĺl Kick in again.
But i am not the father substitute för thousand young man all around the World. Who showed up to him. He seemed to figured out the solution, he was a role modell...

He dissapointed so many men. I don't know how he can ist there:"cause of xy i take the drugs." Did he Not tell that you need to be strong? You need to be hard ? He could Go to Betty Ford cliniques för detox with young females, who Massage him and bring breakfast. Instead me , without multimillions in the Bank. I always just hoped Not to wake up in shit and/or Thrown up...

He acted like a simp, no power, no Energy...dissgusting und dissapointing.

Now you can hate me, cause i insulted stepdaddy out of internet , who was fucked up by his OWN greddy daughther....

I love the mindset of the modern women


This is quite vile. Jordan Peterson, knowing his own mental fragility, threw himself into the front ranks of the Enemy and moved the line forward.

I advise you, keep your sites on the Enemy or consider yourself one of them.


I'm going to tell Dr. Mommy to start grinding your pills up into your applesauce if you don't settle down, you fucking psycho.

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