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Let me be the first to congratulate president trump on being the first president in american history to have been impeached twice

TheMiddleWay 8 Jan 13

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So what happened to the reconciliation and healing the dems were promising? Or is petty revenge part of that?

Hard to reconcile and heal when you're being overrun by rioters and looters.

@TheMiddleWay so the healing can begin after all opposition is destroyed?🙄 Such a peaceful, middle path...


It just sort of seems unbecoming...

Yet ironically Clinton got impeached for just that: coming.


And neither one had any appropriate basis.

True. They spent years and millions to find something and failed so they relied on 'dog whistles'...

There seldom is to those that support the person being impeached.


Oh, put the accolades where they belong, it should be the House that is congratulated!! It managed to subvert the impeachment process TWICE!!


A half-baked statement for a guy who writes a book every time he has something to say. Don't forget the footnotes in your response.

Yeaup. I've lots to say which often draws the ire of those that have little to say.

@TheMiddleWay Took you a while. You are a manipulator hiding behind a keyboard.

@Tarpon he says a lot of things that mean nothing...

Perrito, you have lots to say about me and that means nothing to me.
Strong priorities.

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