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We’ve come a long way! From the site’s inception just a few weeks ago, we have amassed a population of over 20K users, many of whom return on a regular basis to take advantage of our platform to enable civil discourse on any topic. Freedom of speech is alive and well on IDW.Community, and we hope you will help us spread the word about our important and very needed forever-free service.

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The Left-generated hit piece

Quite frankly, it’s a shame that the IDW needs to exist. Freedom of Speech has always been a hallmark of democracy and Western Culture, and the fact that such freedom is under attack, that the idea of civil discourse is panned en masse, deeply disturbs us all. That’s the reason we are doing this project and committed the movement.

The idea from the Left that disagreeable speech is “hate speech” and should be censored is dangerous on many levels, one of which is out-grouping. When a thought is banned, it makes anyone who has that thought a member of the "out group". Censorship is a tool to ostracize and silence anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly agree with them regardless of truth. NOTE: We do not, however, support posts that incites violence as it is the antithesis of civil discourse - our next newsletter will focus on clarification of this paradox.

But what if there is nothing to complain about, and they still want to create an out-group? The answer is scary. They just change what you say and get angry at that. What results is the ostracization and silencing of people who may agree with the progressives on most major issues, creating enemies from our potential friends, and create artificial barriers to honest discussions.

Take for example, this recent hit piece on Dave Rubin, in which the author tries to frame him as “not liberal enough”. This piece is ridiculous and is clearly seeking to make an enemy out of a friend. The video argues that Dave:

  • Dishonestly pretends to be liberal to benefit the Right.
  • Actively tries to move the center more to the Right,
  • Keeps the focus on the worst parts of the Left,
  • Supports the Right while refusing to own up to it.

Now consider those assertions in light of the following member-posted chart, which suggests how all the IDW Core members think about the issues most pressing to Progressives. According to this chart (and common sense), Dave would be an ally to people who hold what used to be the Left's core policy positions.

Source: Daniel Miessler

Why does the author lie? The goal of the hit piece is to keep moderate liberals from abandoning the far Left for the IDW and the only way to do that is to mischaracterize the movement. Let left realizes that we're a growing movement and a threat. Fake hit pieces like this are meant to divide. It gets moderate liberals who should be our allies to think that they don't agree with our views on core principles.

Tim Pool observed this as people “creating and believing a caricature” of the other side, demonizing and hating allies not because of things said, but rather because of things they think that the they believe.

It's the new norm, and it’s a threat to clear thinking.

The fix is easy, and easier said than done: Uncensored, civil discourse with active listening, and truthful humanization of people you disagree with. The IDW.Community is here to help reset the conversation, focus on those issues that join us, and openly discuss our concerns and opinions.

Fighting for a cause in which you believe is noble. Making reasons to fight by changing what has been said to make it worse is the worst possible strategy. Left or Right, pro or con, without civil discourse and active listening your side will inevitably fracture and as a result, lose the battle.

What do you think?

Admin 8 Apr 11

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The far left is playing from an old play book made popular by Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others:

-Truth is what we say it is.
-Hypocrisy is fine as long as it pushes our agenda.
-We're fine with socialism because we know it won't affect our power or income.
-We're out and we want in and throw you out.
-It's fun, profitable and fulfilling to tell others what to do especially if the use of force is a real threat.

There's plenty more to boggle the mind but the main thrust is plain; control over your fellow man in as many areas as possible is a rewarding pursuit for the most deprave of our species.


It's very interesting to see the chart of where the different guys stand on these issues. I guess I'm to the right of Ben Shapiro. πŸ™‚ I still enjoy listening and learning from them all.


Thank you IDW for standing up to bullies Left or Right, Pro or Con. This is precisely the reason I started my own TV program FREEDOM MATTERS with Mark McIntire. After winning a 6 figure out of court settlement from the college I served for 23 years due to their suppression of my Free Speech protections, I know how valuable IDW is to protecting these freedoms. I make it a point to present interviews from opposing views. Every view matters and every view is welcome on my program. Keep going. You are doing our society a great benefit with your stalwart defense of individual constitutional protections in our common life of ideas. --- M M

Cool, good luck! Welcome.


It's not clear from the chart what the policy implications are, but it seems like a pretty interventionist (yes, as we incorrectly say now, "liberal" ) crowd. Does "pro" in the "Vaccination" row mean forced vaccination; or does it simply indicate a belief in the efficacy of vaccination?


I'm not the first to say it , but I know it's true . It is an endorsement when mindless widgets take a cheap shot at you . I just keep on going . The detractors can't keep up with me , anyway .

I look forward to my IDW coffee mug . My coffee deserves it .


Excellent and to the point. Always glad to help wherever I can. In a relatively short amount of time the membership on this site has really increased and continues to do so, which is a positive sign. In the meantime I'll continue reaching out to those I know in which to spread the word about the IDW Community.

I just joined up with this site. I'm excited for honest and respectful discourse, using reasoning and logic, rather than emotion, hysteria and hyperbole laced with hate, to discuss important issues. I am a teacher. I often see my most important role with my students these days as teaching them critical thinking skills, questioning, good listening skills, and respectful disagreement that allows relationships to remain intact. It's seems, as a nation, (for those of us on this site within the US), that we've somehow learned along the way that our disagreements are more important than our agreements, or what I refer to as the ties that bind us. Politicians have made it their modus operandi to maintain power and the media uses it for ratings. The existence of shows like Jerry Springer showed us there is an appetite for such incivility and that was not lost on the media. Shows like The View continue to reflect the worst of us yet it stays on the air and it wouldn't stay on the air without viewers having an appetite for such ugly discourse and profit for the network. I believe we deserve better than that type of fare, and that there are more of us that are disgusted by such shows than those who belly up to the trough for such a daily gorging. I am hoping my exchanges with others here will reflect something that rises above such noise, that will recognize our common humanity, and reflect decency and respect. I am thankful to those responsible for developing such a site! Time will tell if this site will prove out to be what it hopes to be. Let's all together strive to make it so!


The constant encouragement from the left to accept all that they tell us to accept, without objections, even to the point of passing legislation to legally shut us up, is really infuriating the people. This incredible desire of the left to acquire complete control over the masses is insane, and anyone with any working brain cells will reject it completely. Sites like this one is refreshing and very welcomed, I’m glad to be a part of it.


Not a fan of the graphic, but I said that already.

I'm loving the site. It's going to be interesting to watch what happens. This site is a forum where you can usually develop ideas and express them in more detail. Most people on facebook won't take the time to read my posts. They're looking for the short insulting post they can get really angry over. So, my question is whether or not this can get big. And then, what happens to the format when it does. Can you have deep, thorough conversations with hundreds of participants? Maybe not.


Ty to the team for their hard working getting the site working.


I could not be more in agreement with your statement here. I also think it is vitally important to recognize you all in the Core group for your courage and determination in pursuit of true liberalism.

Thanks, welcome.


This left generated attack on LIBERALS and people SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT OF THEM is getting out of control. They eat their own and they're going to do the same to their own far left activists more and more. The ideology is designed to strive for a perfection that won't ever be able to exist in reality. Excellent newsletter! Good work.

We need the support of moderate liberals and moderate conservatives! Welcome.

Reply to admin: I suppose I am what would be referred to by the name callers as a "right winger" (Evangelical Christian, business owner, white, Pro-Life, Pro-2nd amendment, heterosexual, I pray, climate change is a cyclical thing, etc.) I hope I am still welcome here.


Well said and all good food for thought.


Thank you.


Greetings from Merrie England! This is all very positive and exciting- reminds me of the Ron Paul days!
I am a Conservative Party activist and candidate in what used to be a solid Labour area (until I turned up lol) but I sprang originally from the "hard left" ie all the usual bells and whistles re class struggle blah blah.
As a teenager I was forged in this way, but my life smacked the foolishness out of me. However, many of those whom I knew during this time are now my opponents. To be fair they do not attempt to attack me personally- I am too slippery and wily for anything to stick and I operate from a position of decency- but the way that they attack us as a group is with the usual tropes. There was even talk of "yachts and gold-plated taps" (we live in the UK Midlands, as far from the sea as you can get!). This worldview is fairly common until you confront it with truth, wherein only the zealot still clings to the lies. I see myself as a bit of a "wet" (although judging by the checklist I am more to the right than even Ben Shapiro!) and so discourse can never be pinned around my views, merely my playmates. The old ideas of a democratic socialist state are crumbling into dust around here- our MP, a Tory, tripled his majority on 12/12- but the local Labour Party still controls the council. I stand again in May, in a seat held continually by Labour since it was created. The indications are that I could win this seat. I am of the view that people are tired of the usual rhetoric put about by the left- I mean real people, not soycialists- and that the "Right Spring" will become glorious Summer. The more they attack, the more people recoil. We saw this in December and will see it in May.


Frankly, my opinions on several issues do not agree with the majority of the individuals you quote here. However, I am deeply concerned about the unwillingness of most sites to allow departure from fixed-in-concrete stances, shaming differing opinion with unwarrented smears. I long for a site where honestly-held positions can be discussed calmly & rationally. I hope this is the embodiment of such a site


I have managed to discover actual, genuine, organic, natural, true, rule of law, and I did so with a lot of help. How can this discovery be accurately transferred from one individual to another individual so as to shift the balance of power away from counterfeit governments filled with members of The Cult of Might Makes Right?

The answer to my question is arguably this:
"The fix is easy, and easier said than done: Uncensored, civil discourse with active listening, and truthful humanization of people you disagree with. The IDW.Community is here to help reset the conversation, focus on those issues that join us, and openly discuss our concerns and opinions."

The answer is that because that is the power behind actual rule of law: The Common Law with Trial by Jury and Independent Grand Jury Volunteers.

Actual law (unarguably) is the power people always have to discover the truth, to argue about it, to decide unanimously on it, and then to employ the truth to reach the goal of peace: to remedy every controversy that can be remedied within the naturally imposed boundaries of natural laws.

So...any takers? Is someone going to attempt to argue the absolute necessity to employ lies, falsehoods, errors in judgment, or ignorance concerning the truth in constructing and maintaining their preferred (counterfeit) law power?

If you have ever been on a jury and you refused to engage the other voices speaking in the effort to reach the goal trusted with The Jury - your jury - then how is that any different than modern individuals who refuse to engage each other - doing their lawful duty - to effectively remedy any (and all) conflicts; including the familiar by now Perpetual War for...fill in the blank with lies.


Civil discourse requires the ability to think critically. Unfortunately the education system and parents have failed to teach young people this skill. Extreme views happen as a result of ignorance and the inability to think through a problem or viewpoint. Easier to accept what you are told and hold onto that view as if it is gospel.

Hard to give up your faith.

We in the classroom are giving it our best to produce critical thinkers. Moms and Dads have the most powerful role to play in this, however, which has been lost since the almost complete disappearance of the evening meal around the dinner table. Kids are like a blob of clay, seeking to be molded and on a quest for answers to make sense of their world. If parents are not talking with their kids about the critical issues of the day and sharing their value system, someone else will be glad to fill that void for them and it will most likely be someone with an agenda who is doling out propaganda; oftentimes not in line with their family's values or even grounded in common sense.


This is a great idea and although I'm not a big social media user I appreciate the ideals you are affording people to voice their thoughts with no repercussions from the politically correct, progressive 'woke', leftist socialist sheep. The attempt to hijack words, language and control speech is the most dangerous and serious problem facing the world, no climate change is not a pressing social danger, not even a top 100.

Love to see you post your top 100 concerns here.

I've been working on a project to rediscover the actual power of law and on this path, I've found original meanings of words that are well defined at the time the words were originated. The word counterfeit exemplifies this as the modern meaning is nearly opposite the original meaning. The original meaning is that a counterfeit is the opposite of the genuine article, not simply a copy. Other words such as freedom, liberty, democracy, republic, federation, socialism, communism, even the word law have original meanings that are demonstrably opposite current meanings. A curious exception may be the word nation, or at least that word was magically turned into the opposite meaning at the time of the founding of the American federation of independent Nation States.


It seems that our friends on the left are wholeheartedly disobeying the commandment to β€˜not bear false witness’ - and now we see in a very drastic way why that little command is so very important.

Though they believe, with some supporting evidence, that the right media does the same.


I get a kick out of the left eating its own. While not exclusive to leftists theirs is more nakedly dishonest. Their philosophy has repeatedly been shown to be destructive of human rights, property and dignity. GIven that their poster children are some of the most depraved and evil human beings ever, the continued adherence to the socialist philosophy smacks of insanity and evil intent.


I've had some interesting discussions recently and the spirit of this website is definitely one of open discussion. I'm glad to be a part of this endeavor


Computer Scientist's coined a phrase back in the 70's "Garbage in garbage out" and I feel this is applicable to the current political / social discourse. Media outlets (propaganda) and our current educational institutions have been focused on the destruction of "Social Discourse". If you teach children from a early age that the civilization they live in is evil and that the only solution is a Neo-Marxist form of Socialism and then reinforce this with propaganda validating their myopic view the result will be an entrenched generation(s) that only parrots what they have been programed to believe. Critical thought and individualism is being replaced by Group Think and Dogma in schools and then is being reinforced by a propagandist media owned by Oligarchs who's intent is not for the social good but for personal gain and power. Western Capitalism is not without its flaws (heaven knows) however the solutions to our problems will not be realized by revisiting the historical failures of Neo-Marxist Socialism or limiting social discourse or flawed notions of "hate speech" and "equality of outcome".


The right and left are caricatures created to be believed by members of a cult. The Cult of Might Makes Right is the coin and the so-called right and left are the two sides of the same coin. The actual battle is moral and if those against the immoral, false, Cult of Might Makes right are placed in another cult - the Anti Cult - then history repeats itself as falsehood, fraud, "caricature creation" (Straw man, legal fiction, color of law) cycles again, affording "victory" to the immoral at the expense of what remains of those who are truly moral: consciously following moral conscience.

I use the term "cult" to mean specifically a group of people investing in lies. Some are aware of the lie as such, the great majority of the membership are unaware and they refuse to listen to their conscience and do the work required to discover the lie, and to hold themselves accountable for believing in the lie.

Might does not make (morally) right, as a matter of routinely demonstrated fact, yet the members of the cult, both left and right, still believe, despite all contrary evidence.

Interesting view. Welcome!

@Admin The word interesting could mean just about anything in context, so I'm interested in finding out what is interesting about the view expressed so far.

"...they refuse to listen to their conscience and do the work required to discover the lie..." I LOVE THIS! In different wording, I have expressed this same truth to my students. I will not let them get away with lazy thinking/reasoning and am always challenging/questioning to teach them these skills, while trying to play devil's advocate myself for whichever side appears to be the underdog, if only to help the discourse along. I think of it as iron sharpening iron, like a sword fight, meant to strengthen their brain muscle, not to kill each other. If they want to make a claim, they'd better have solid facts from credible sources. I pray they are building their muscles to engage in productive, civil discourse, armed with unemotional facts. I hope my experience here will afford me a chance to listen, grow, learn, understand, and even love those whom I may differ from.

@woodale OK, well I think I represent the underdog in a specific effort to ask and answer a serious moral question. The Devil's Advocates on the side opposite the underdog side claim - and make good on their claim - that might makes right. Another way to put it is to claim that the ends justify the means. Devil's Advocates may also claim that the only way to keep the peace is by enslaving everyone under one dictatorship. That last claim - by the Devil's Advocates "side" - is the accurate version and therefore unlikely to be expressed in that way by those advocates of that devilish lie. So the question put to anyone on either side is: Is it possible to keep the peace without resorting to lies, threats of aggressive violence, and aggressive violence initiated by those Devil's Advocates on that side where people use any means they care to employ in reaching their goal of dominance? I ask because the great majority of people I meet are investors in that side that I call The Cult of Might Makes Right. My experience is such that few and far between are those who oppose the lies required to cover up the Dogma that constitutes the Script read by all the members of that Cult. Examples (solid facts if you will) are abundant, so why is it even a controversy? Why is it not simply self-evident? Why do so many people read from the false script, and do so with unsupportable confidence?


Civil debate is what's needed most in these trying times. It won't come easy, what with the left so bent on silencing any thought that deviates from their notion of correct. What happens after the civil people all move to this platform? These leftists will just stay on Twitter, content to eat each other? Naw... I think they'll become even more violent at that point.

Outrage addicts need daily fix and handle withdrawal poorly.

@Admin Do you think outrage addicts fixate on outrage to avoid their own unhappiness? I am wondering if they are angry because what they were promised in high school and college is not the reality they are facing now. In their eyes, it is someone else's fault.


I've already won the battle, I'm just waiting for you guys to catch up with me.

Tag, you’re it! Welcome.

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