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Facebook bans our entire ad account!

After spending about $200k in ads to promote this site, Facebook abruptly terminated our entire ad account without recourse. While we could try to setup a new account, it is likely that they will ban it again.

We're thinking to change our promotion strategy and give money directly to people who are getting demonetized on any social network platform. As you know, mainstream (social) media is fighting a war against anyone who says true yet controversial things - such as the social justice movement has gone too far.

Our plan is to simply pay them for advertising this site (or our new skin at ... live but still in development).

The challenge for us is how to get in contact with mission-aligned people who are still on these platforms but are routinely getting their posts and videos demonetized.


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Due to the subject...I thought this was fitting.

I loved that show when I was a kid.



Everyone here has a FB story to tell. I mean EVERY IDW MEMBER. IDW exists primarily because of the Free Speech issue at FB. My FB experience is so insignificant that sharing it would take more time than it's worth. It was, literally,
"about the WEATHER." And, as the rest of you, I saw the writing on the wall.

Now, what to do...
It's important to remember how FB and YouTube became successes. They mastered their landscapes through ease of access. You could post anything and you could view anything---in the beginning. And they made it oh-so-easy. As I see it, this will be IDW's challenge. Points are interesting. Coins are interesting. Barriers to ENTRY(the FB Behemoth) are very, VERY interesting. But what is going to be most interesting is how this site adapts. I promise you that it will not survive as a meaningful force if it is simply a refuge for the disenfranchised. Unlike a straight platform, this place brought in content to serve as a leaping off point for the types of exchanges it hopes to promote. All good. But, as the saying goes, "The Track runs on $2 bets." You need the $2 bets.

As I see it, the absolute first thing this site needs to do is promote itself as a Free Speech platform, and it needs to do it in a way that grabs the least of us. Your participants will have to include the feeblest if it is to promote the highest. FB is not going to do that for you, so take that off the table.

Your tiered approach is a nod in the right direction, but its emphasis is going to scare away the in-laws who just want to share a picture of their cats. Yes, the cats matter. The cats can be included without forfeiting content. Right now, you're a fledgling business with "good earnings" and "small revenues," so to speak. Your broader audience-to-be is comprised of the tech savvy and the tech luddite. In other words, putting Content aside for a moment, IDW's audience is everyone. What does "everyone" want and how do you reach out to them?

You figure that out, you solve the puzzle.

It's feeling more and more like home. I'm just trying to figure out where the kitchen and the bathroom are. Capisce? T

I agree on the free speech part. IDW has to knock off the censorship and very strongly commit to free speech. Right now, this site is NOT an alternative that promotes free speech. Not even close.

We consumers are investing our time and our content and we don't want to invest in a place that lacks a real (not just slogans) value for free speech. We can get that elsewhere with a bigger audience.

I'm missing something on the Censorship issue. Your missives are cogent and well presented. What is it that's lacking? I'm at a loss.
Respectfully, T

@Terence57 what's missing is this platform says it will censor and does.

Forgive me---I'm in a bit of a bind. I left FB because of first hand experience being "handled" by them. I can only assume that on the censorship issue, you are speaking first hand about IDW? I've encountered none of that thus far.

@WingedRyno What sites are alternatives that strongly promote free speech with a bigger audience? I'm new to social media of any kind and would like to know. Thanks.


Hi. Apparently IDW is doing a dance w/ its alter ego called SLUG, which is virtually the same thing, as I understand it. You may want to ask around how this works. I haven't been to SLUG, but it's a siamese twin of this place...I guess.


I’m not surprised. I just had my Facebook account suspended for posting that Tommy Robinson won an award from the Free Press Society, for being a defender of free speech. My free speech was taken away because I posted that he got an award for defending free speech. The irony blows me away. I took a screen shot of facebook telling me I was first given a warning and then my being suspended (ya I posted again after the warning lol), which included my post and PMed all my liberal friends...... it’s been a good red pill day.

I was a member of free speech uk closed group that was taken down without any explanation

Even referencing Tommy Robinson can earn you a ban. We were having a sensible discussion (I thought) about the Muslim rape gangs up and down the country, and all I did was literally mention his name. I've kinda given up with FB now, it really is getting ridiculous.

So my 48 hour suspension was lifted today, I received a message from FB that my next offence will be 3 days and they will be watching my account for a year. So the very first post I made : lol I’m waiting!!!


IDW, welcome to the shunned Facebook refugees. Many of us Facebook diasporas have resettled to IDW, and find the freedom refreshing.
I do have a quirky idea on a possible reaction for the IDW towards Facebooks harsh slap in the face. Beat Facebook. Become Facebook. Well, not exactly. But create a IDW-chat in Facebooks image. A place for family and friends to gather and do the borrrrriiiing exchange of pictures, vacations, their boats and latest adventures. God I hate Facebook. However with one exception; Freedom of Speech. If people want to post their internet memes, wordy pictures, polls, share if you love President Trump’s wife, and other guilt inducing share requests.. (I think I responded to this one).
Of course freedom is not license to threaten, break state or federal laws, hate speech as defined by the law, maybe extreme obscenity etc. The etc. is where most social media host fall in the famed rabbit hole. I might humbly suggest use the free speech limitation the print media must use. Without the added political agenda stuff.
Yes, as the saying distorted goes; if you can’t join them beat them. That’s my inspired suggestion of the day. Or you can just ignore them.
I’m not an intellectual, elite, wealthy or powerful. I’m just an old soldier, with an abundance of free time, thank you Uncle. But Social Media Freedom has ignited the best and worst of me. Thus I say, with a smile, and eccentricity. ‘Facebook I’m Coming For You’. I’m nonviolent nowadays, so my weapons are the iPad, Google, and the Blog. The term Freedom of Speech has been greatly expanded, and an awesome paradigm shift is about to fall on Big Mother. Jim Kirk-Wiggins ☕ January 30, 2020.

ehh, you know that swiss army knife approach would just end up being the same as facebook.

censorship exists here. the moderators control the groups and admin hears the complaints.

this is a nice bulletin board community. classic forum discussion style. the groups are more organic than most. makes it nice.

do not forget the amount of datacenter you are suggesting as well.

Was just jailed for 3 days for posting this meme just ridiculous

@CuriousFury what examples of censorship have you seen on IDW? I've heard of one instance. The fact that moderators must approve messages leads me to believe there are likely more.

Until IDW actually demonstrates a commitment to free speech, I find it hard to get onboard helping yet another Facebook-like group grow.

@WingedRyno I’m fairly new to IDW, I haven’t personally experienced any censorship, I’ve seen two complaints one is above this post, it certainly is in poor taste could have racists sentiments. I wouldn’t have censored it, If someone wants to make a fool out of themselves then “Johnny be good”. IDW is nothing like Facebook, there is real content here and if there is censorship it’s with a lighter finger. I against censorship that doesn’t violate any laws or has pornographic content. Maybe censored post should be temporarily posted in a section for members to vote on. Jim Kirk-Wiggins

@Kjcline 🤣


I just posted a link on fb to this site. I want to see if they pull it and/or block me. I'll post the results.

So far it's still there, but I wonder if it's getting seen. Not a single reaction of any kind. I think they may just hide it from public view.


I didn't know we were on Facebook. That's probably because I've had 14 thirty days bans in the last 2 years.


Can't stop me posting invitations to selected friends with open privacy settings


Would you believe....I NEVER got banned from facebook ? Bouaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha.

OK So we are an underground movement..Let's embrace it...

  • Invite 4chan peoples.
  • Make the posting of and other video sites more friendly here.
  • Make the posting of moving gif meme works
  • Make a sharing button to face book and instagram and twitter automatic for your post.
  • When ever you share a video here... Leave a comments that you shared that video here with a link to this place.

Make it mysterious and daring to be here...irresistible...Like Thanos... we are inevitable...

GREAT ideas Remi!

I certainly agree with the suggestion.

@RemiDallaire Are you on Minds by chance?

@SpikeTalon Yeah. I'm there but rarely use it

@RemiDallaire They made some improvements to their platform, but glitches still persist. Have to admit, since I've been on IDW I don't use Minds as much anymore.


When Dennis Prager gets censored by YouTube and then talks about it on his show, it actually drives more traffic than any paid ads. You piss people off and it motivates them. Why are you even on FB? THIS should be the only reason to be on FB - to get banned...


Finally figured out you are about to eat their lunch?

How about posting ads here, and we'll copy them to our FB feeds?

Farcebook would probably ban you for doing such. I've been promoting this site on my channel, at least there's hardly any censorship on there compared to FB.

Regarding political discussions, IDW has replaced Facebook day 1. Surprised it took FB this long


Facebook is a horrible company. Please beat them. Beat them by not being like them. Make a firm commitment to actual free speech (so far that commitment has not been made on this platform) and people will invest more in this platform when they know it won't turn out to be more of the same.


Ok I’m new to this form. I have been put in FB jail a few time and it’s really getting annoying. Judging by the comments on here I should fit right in. Shouldn’t take me long to figure this site out and I’m looking forward to the journey. Can someone tell me what the levels mean ?

It's just a way of making your profile proof that you are active and not a spam robot and such. Comment and like things and your level will go up. And then you can access more features o the app.


Get some youtuber to mention this site in their videos. Dave rubin..(huhuh ?) Joe Rogan, Tim pool,
Pew die pie...Geeks and Gamers Mark Dice...

What ever...Who ever still have reach to viewers and are demonetized...They hurt for a bit of doe... and some shared views. Why not embrace that ?


Facebook's algorithm is a nightmare for ad creation 😖. My hat and jewelry shop was banned from advertising for over a year, because the AI detected red, white, and blue in an ad for 4 pairs of glass floral earrings and determined that it was a political advertisement. Crazy.

I will post the referral link on my nonbusiness page again. Unfortunately, my Facebook friends are so steeped in gaining followers that they don't understand a platform where connections are made in topic groups. 🙄

That's harsh, am sorry to hear that and not in the least surprised that people don't understand how pervasive FB is, even if you are not actively using it, and just checking up on friends and relatives? Tracking cookies aren't just about spending habits.

many people have never been part of classic forum discussion boards. not enough automated distraction for them.

This is a huge problem that Right-wing people have been having for awhile. I am trying to create a network for people lo advertise because they did the same thing to me - pulled my ads because offered free and discounted services to law enforcement. I am realizing that if you do not discriminate against the Left, they just push you out.

Debra, I didn't forget about your story (above) about your FB ads. Your story and others like it inspired me to finally put up the website: - It is still in the works. Not a social media site like this. It is a place for people like you and me and others.

Networking is often INCORRECTLY labeled as SPAM. This is yet another problem created by the LEFT that stems from polluting language and lumping everything that is 'unwanted' by the user at any given time as 'predatory' or 'malicious.'

This is very much in the works. You can post a link to your website there and openly advertise your products there if you wish - NO FEES of any kind. It is a little rough. It is literally brand new so it is not populated at the moment, but will at least allow you to create a backlink to your website which should improve search rank. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I won't feel bad if this does not appeal to you so do not feel obligated to create a listing there. Thank you. Let me know if you have any questions.


I think Facebook has gone power mad. I have had a dozen or so post and two blog links in the past 7 days censored and blocked. My entire blog link is blocked. I have posted two blog post on Facebooks attack on me. My blog is the two specific links are:



You can read my post or to be pithy we must stand against Social Media censorship. Social media is the new public square, our freedom of speech is being attacked.
Jim Kirk-Wiggins

I only use it now and again for keeping in touch with friends overseas since I discovered IDW


That's funny, just the other day I found out about this page Facebook has where you can view the other sites that share activity with them. [] was one of them. I promptly cleared my activity and delinked future activity from my account. Funny that they have no gratitude for you letting them track us on here!


Facebook would have done very well in Nazi Germany, the USSR and China.....

FaceBook is the the digital Gestapo


Facebook have become to powerful ..Hearing situations like yours ..It really tells me to delete the platform and move on ..I’m a retired individual who doesn’t need it ..Most of it is just rubbish..It proves that so many have absolutely no common sense ..It become a platform to obviously exploit 90 percent of worlds idiots or(sheep)


I didn't realize this website was dependent or even cared about what Facebook thought. What a disappointment.


Not surprised to hear such coming from Farcebook, and last week the group Republican Atheists also got banned without warning. I'm still actively recruiting others to this site and promoting IDW.Community on my Minds channel. Not really sure what to tell you here, this censorship business on the more well known social media platforms is really getting out of control. It might be best for the members on here to promote this site on alternative platforms (such as Minds) in an effort to get the word out more and increase the membership on this site. I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

I concur.

i am new to IDW as well and have been enjoying the site and conversations, i find Twitter to be more just to Troll and see what responses arise

i too have also been recommending this site, but i have now realized most people Dont Care about the severity of these issues, they are just happy to post photos and other info, all happy lets get along superficial crap

so i am now focusing on the people who are starting to understand the hypocrasy... but the bling and glam are what most people are attracted to along with quick minded comments and the avoidance of controversial issues /thoughts

@jpnese Then you'll like it on here. Quite a few of us do multiple posts every day on topics like politics and how technology is influencing our lives, and said posts usually get discussions going.


You violated their Highlander rule: there can only be one.


There are thousands of IDW meme we on FB.
Talk it up ! If you post on IDW, copy to FB.
If FB censors promote the free speak zone called IDW


Yes. This is your new ad. I thought you guys would know stuff like this. Being banned like that is better and more effective to promote the site than any hopeful ROI spent on FB ads.

Get some of the voices that you put up front and center, like Jordan Peterson, to announce this and watch the flood of new subs.

The only question you should be asking yourselves is: Can you handle it? Parler could not handle it. The bandwidth/infrastructure I mean.

I agree, in fact i am pretty certain i found out about this site during a Joe Rogan conversation on his podcast,


No problem on my feed. So far.


Xenophobic hate speech masquerading as "free speech" doesn't win friends or influence any body but other racist assholes.

And those that HATE their own race, color, sex, counrry and culture are the lowerst form of life on earth.

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