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Will there be a civil war?

Please share your thoughts on a second civil war. Do you think it will happen in the next 5, 10 or 20 years? How will like minded people gather to defend themselves? Will the removal of freedom of guns initiate it or what will be the tipping point?

kayleanna 3 Mar 17

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I believe it started a long time ago as communists realized they had to be in it for the long game and began to infiltrate media, motion picture industry, education and the democrat party. It remained just under the surface and tried to bury McCarthy. The hippie generation started bringing it forward, it began to come out of the closet in the Bush years and became more evident with Obama. Trump brings it to stage 4. Though conservative Americans have been far too tolerant of incrementally losing our freedoms of speech, The destruction of the 2nd amendment will be the tipping point - IMO.


A gun grab would start it imo.


The Left and Muslims have been agitating for one ever since Trump was elected. They've been doing their best to have him declare a national state of emergency but thankfully he hasn't fallen for that yet.
If there is one it won't just be in America but in Western Europe too. The Conservative movement is feeling less protected by not only the government but also under constant attack from the Democratic Party and the press, courts, academia etc. In other words all of the institutions that are supposed to bring a coherent narrative to America are failing it and failing the countries that make up the E.U.
None of this is surprising. Muslim refugees destroyed Lebanon and Greece is in decline under its refugee load. Muslims are destroying Western Europe. Islam will take over once the fighting is done by offering peace to a populace that is tired of a war that Islam helped to bring about.

As a Christian Arab I cannot fault your thinking.

Yep. You nailed it. Islam had been making a steady infiltration of the US just like they said they would. They will put an end to our country by taking it from within.


We certainly are a polarized people. I don’t see anything coming along the lines of our original Civil War but I could see a split of sorts coming. I can’t imagine what it will look like but the anger on both sides is quite high and we are seeing more and more physical attacks in response to words or images. This is frightening. Recently a kid hit an Australian politician in the back of the head with an egg and the politician turned and punched him in self-defense. The left is very supportive of this kid and is actually calling for criminal action against the politician who is defending himself. They truly believe that the kid had every right to physically attack the politician because he disagreed with him. This does not bode well for any society

Not only that, but over $44,000 AUD was raised to cover any of his legal fees (which i believe has since been donated to the victims). And over here, he is mainly be praised as a "hero".



Americans in general are far too complacent. The left will continue chipping away at freedoms in the name of political correctness. Like that frog in the pot that was slowly brought to boiling, he never knew what happened to him. With any luck, those with some sense about them will not let this happen. For far too many, the politicians get away with the bread and circuses. They get the bread, and expect to placate us with the circuses.


There won't be one. American's are too chicken shit cowards to stand up and fight back. As long as they have access to cheap beer, gas, and TV - they will continue to be pacified with their mindless entertainment. People might be pissed, but are too afraid of jail to actually stand up and do anything about it. Lazy and apathetic are the two best descriptors of most in the US.

Internet access is another thing that must remain to ensure they stay complacent.


I don't think itll take 5 years. I'm gonna say maybe 2 at the most. This next election will be the determining factor. And if the Democrats continue to get away with breaking laws its gonna continue to ramp up.

Just Democrats beaking the laws? Neither party is innocent when it comes to breaking the laws. Until people unite against both corrupted criminal parties nothing will change.

@george I agree with that it's just theirs is more out in the open and they dint care if you see it. No party is innocent you are correct. The power used to be in the people but we relinquished it long ago.


One side needs a safe space the other loves guns. It'll last 5 seconds.


Idealistic war, maybe. But one side doesn't really have guns and one does.


I don't believe that it is likely to occur but, if it does, it will surely be as a result of second amendment encroachment. Among our contemporary ideological conflicts, the one concerning the right to bear arms is most capable of violent productions. I wouldn't, however, say that the removal of freedom of guns will initiate it, because I don't believe that it is a freedom capable of being removed. A legal right can be removed, but no court can take away a freedom. It's just semantics, but I think it is worth noting. We are free by birth, not court order. Judiciary assemblies can remove a right and infringe upon a freedom, but the freedom is ours to assert just the same.


No civil war. Adherence to Martial Law. Obama administration already experimented successfully with it after the Boston Marathon Bombing. Used Facebook to get the word out to a million people to stay in their homes and not come out or they may be in danger. Policing orginizations took over boston under the guise of a manhunt. And the people were happy to do it.


Another revolution could very well happen, can't say I'm too worried though.


I hope there won't be for a number of reasons. 1st of all, I'm too old to participate in enough to help preserve my America which is the conservative bastion of Liberty. However, I can be cannon fodder if the DIMMs and their Socialist scum allies steal anymore elections from us and then we must be prepared to use our guns wherever necessary and give our lives if needed. I do believe there will be a revolution but a few decades after I'm gone from this earth. So Sad!!!

I'll be by your side brother!


There will be something if Trump wins 2020. I don't think it will be considered a war. It won't be civil either.

He'll win.


In America?

Unlikely. We're too lazy, generally.

Beyond that, they who do lean towards violent behaviors tend to do so in areas where they face the least resistance. So Antifa centralizes efforts in urban areas. Thus, any escalation in confrontation would likely center on urban areas mostly restricted to the coasts and a few cities spread across the nation. The rural and exurban populations would be more likely to sit out any confrontation between civil law enforcement and antagonists.

Insurgency is more likely than civil war.


Maybe I am wrong, but before Obama was elected I said, "It's 1858...tick, tick, tick". I have been a student of history my life. Our horrendous Civil War has always held the most interest. We are heading in that direction, and the course hasn't changed, but the speed has. The move towards calling half of the society "deplorable", which was unsaid but widely believed by many on the coasts, has now become part of our conversation. To those who say "look at our military, it will never happen". My answer is "Just who the hell do you think is the majority of our military?". They are not from Manhattan, or the boroughs, or Californication.


Hope not, but it really would not surprise me. The question is "How will it be fought"?


Based on even a cursory understanding of history and human nature civil war is always a possibility. Also, based on both, it's rather obvious that we are certainly on a path that could possibly lead to civil war. Whether it culminates in a full on shooting war or not is not so obvious, though. Personally, I think it's rather doubtful.

One thing I would like to point out is that those who flatly scoff at the idea that it could happen is that there was plenty of scoffing going on previous to the last one.

It could be reasonably argued that we're already in a sort of "cold" civil war; jockeying for ideological position, if you will. The deeper the ideological divide, the more likely it could turn hot.

However, it could also be argued that our ideological divisions are not nearly as wide as being portrayed.


By what possible mechanism do you imagine a civil war would actually take place?

Being really, really mad at the democrats or Trump isn’t enough cause the breakdown in military discipline necessary make a civil war possible.

And you aren’t going rebel without the military, your ar-15 counts for nothing.

wait... I thought the AR15 was a "Military style assault weapon"... so it should but really, you are right, without some form of leadership, we will not see a war... although outbreaks of violence are almost inevitable...

@Toto Outbreaks of violence have already occurred... Anders Breivik, Eliot Roger, Christchurch, the murder of Jo Cox, the attempted murder of Rosie Cooper, Charlottesville...

Of course these are predominantly from the far right, there isn’t much evidence of centre right, liberal or left wing violence.

@InternetDorkWeb and I thought Antifa was far Left... I guess I was wrong... or maybe you were only pointing out the so called far right because the liberal leaning social intellectuals proclaimed that racism and nationalism belong on the right? (I reject this outright, I have seen far greater evidence at the daily level that these activities are the product of the left just a few short years ago... although within our current leadership in the US, both parties have tried hard to distance themselves from the hate) ... Every time I look at the two, I find that for the most part... their behavior follows historical "Far left" behaviors (extreme socialism, communism, southern Democrats of old)... I think it is safe to say that when any ideology swings too far to the extreme you will get ideals that fall outside what most would consider reasonable and appropriate ... because both ends are looking for "revolution" levels of change....


If a civil ware to occur, it would most likely happen if Trump is elected in 2020.

That is a very real possibility, with the Soros money and other leftist organizations, they are likely to give the orders and have their illegals/cartel/antifa etc. Initiate it.


We are nowhere near a civil war- yet. Nevertheless this is the direction of travel within the U.K.

The Jordan Peterson phenomena can be seen as a response to this possibility. Initially he was adopted by the right and attacked by the left but as the centre begins to dissolve he is attacked by both right and left equally. The most surprising aspect of this thing is the speed with which it is happening.

What can be done? I cannot think of anything on ‘our side’ that is not already being done. We can only look to the left and hope that moderates awake within their ranks.


Yes, I think there will be. Left and right worldwide are focusing on their difference rather than agreements. Humanity is like one big flow of data. If variables are introduced, once those wheels turn, it is very difficult for them to reverse direction, especialy with 7 and half billion data points no less. The relative peace most of humanity has enjoyed in our lifetimes, we take for granted. One theory goes that when enough time has passed since the last major calamity that most living people were not alive when it happened, people become complacent, more likely to vehemently oppose one another etc, because they lack the life experience to realise that when one side tries to overcome the other, instead of compromising, it leads to war, which was never worth it.

Please view this talk from a very smart man


It seems like we've seen a bit of an acceptance from regular people (not politicians of SJWs) for the Mueller report. I'd like to believe that's a sign that some normalcy is returning to moderate liberals. Or, maybe they're just feeling safer in their own party to be moderate again. In any case, if that more moderate group reasserts themselves, I think a civil war is unlikely. The silent majority has always been so hard to capture and define. It's like we get pieces of evidence that it exists. I don't know. Stoking the intersectionality was never a very good idea. In my view, the left is lucky to have the right to hate, or all of that intersectionality would turn inward and start competing for the most marginalized.


Well... Lets see.... The media uses the First Amendment as a weapon against whoever does not accept the liberals version of rights. Goes out of its way to threaten the Second Amendment which historically was Not created for deer hunting. But we continually see stories related to what type of gun should be banned every time a new murder with (or even without said weapon)
The upcoming crop of Democratic candidates have more in common with the European Countries that the first settlers to this country fought to escape hundreds or years ago. For all of the liberal and more liberal European countries complaints about this one why then do so many from so many other places want to swamp this one? Any why do the liberals here use absolutely any excuse to to push to have our very conservative minded Constitutional rights changed by any means but the correct one. This being a Convention of the States? Insanity is trying the same wrong thing over and over and expecting a differing result right? Unless of course you convince the weak and uninformed that wrong is actually somehow noble and more fair to all than the documents we used to get as large as fast as we did?
How many of us really believe Separation of Church and State Means we can not post Symbols and effigys of our fathers on a piece of public land the same as would be done in a museum, Because someone somehow twists the meaning of the actual words of the Constitution? And yet every Christian holiday WE see yet another group sue yet another poor city for doing the same thing that is done in the Smithsonian. That is preserving heritage and history.
Do people think that after having the America they grew up in, slandered for various misrepresentations of words not even used in the Constitution they may start to push back perhaps? Those words I alluded to "Separation of Church and State" Are not in nor could have been even conceived of if you read the backing documents to our bill of rights. The thing here is the education system finally, incrementally push flaws in our history rather than pushing all of the advancements in it. This to the point many people younger than around 30 do not see the flaws in a system like socialism which had not worked well for any country as large as ours at any time in history. Nor do they see how Liberal societies always fell under there own weight.
So where would the battle lines be drawn??? Young against old?? Seems like we have a very strong liberal push to purge any leader who actually knows why this country is not as progressive as the ones around it? Rich against poor?? More poor probably own guns legally or illegally. But the rich are the ones trying to change ownership and yet many of them are also protected by the very thing they seem to think most people should not own. My large fear is at the point you have 51% of the population trying to tell the other 49% how to live, especially when the other 49% are on the larger piece of land, its starts to look more like an extreme case of civil disobedience if not outright war is possible. The US civil WAr for all of the reasons it started was really mostly because a slight majority made laws that altered the slightly smaller populations way of life to the point they felt they were fighting for their very way of life. Does this not sound familiar?


I seriously doubt any form of civil war will occur. I see skirmishes and perhaps large scale riots but the military forces and police force will likely prevail on any front that threatens the life of Americans of both sides as a national security issue.

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