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Are Left-Wingers Welcome Here?

Are Left-Wingers welcome in this community?

Would you like to see more left-wingers participate in discussion here, or would you prefer if they kept to their own spaces?

Note that I’m not asking whether leftists should be excluded, I’m sure most of you don’t agree with that, I’m merely asking about preferences: whether you would like to see them here, or not.

Furthermore, if left-wingers were to come here, would you be willing to treat them as equals? Would you be willing to engage with them on a serious level and reflect thoughtfully on what they have to say, or would you expect them to be the one to meet you... to make concessions and so on?

It would be particularly nice to get feedback from @admin on this issue too.

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InternetDorkWeb 6 Mar 29

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I don't mind debating liberals-- even the left wing liberals, but most of the ones I think you are referring to---- are not into debate---they are into screaming invictives and shouting you down or calling you "racist"----- btw; there's no such animal as a SWJ, any time the word "justice" has a modifier, ----- it isn't justice.

Totally agree, It's the SJW crowd I'd hate to see here, I think the site runs pretty well with the point scoring system etc so people like this would get bored. they wouldn't last long and would be noticed and avoided pretty quick.

I agree. There're also right-wing activists who are just as bad. I wish we could somehow wake them up on both sides.



I have close friends on other social platforms whose thoughts, beliefs and ideals differ from mine. Sure, we might bust each others chops from time to time but, on the most part, our discussions are civil, well-informed and open-minded.
Now... not every conversation is that way, as I'm sure many of us can attest to. From my experience with complete strangers of an opposing stance, it doesn't take long for them to go right for the personal insults. You can't have an intelligent conversation with those people. And no matter how many facts, figures and data you present -- often times at their request -- they choose to remain in their little bubble of common sense denial, and rain down more personal attacks... before they block you.
With that being said, I personally don't have issue with opposing views, as long as it remains civil. Once it goes south, the conversation is over.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is wrong! Opinions are like armpits, everybody has them and half of them stink, usually the left.
That being said, I welcome intelligent debate on a variety of subjects, from a variety of people, from a variety of socioeconomic and political backgrounds, if they can be civil, and respectful of my views I will always return the favour. Non substantial, slogan spewers, SJW rebels without a clew, and haters of caucasians that openly slander, with “Fascist” and “Nazi” whenever you ask a legitimate question (even when they fit the dictionary definition of fascist, to a T) , are not welcome here, or on the planet for that matter!


Not all leftists belong to this regressive spectrum, there's some open minded leftists like the Weinstein brothers who strongly disagree with this regressive mentality and are willing to engage in a positive conversation.


I really hate the use of the label. I do not consider myself either of those terms. I do, however, absolutely love having discussions based in reason and logic with people of ANY point of view. In fact, I find people who can articulate a position that is different than mine to be extremely helpful to my own world view. Sometimes I make slight shifts in a position. Often understanding the argument on the other side is enlightening. I would certainly hope that this site would not exclude anyone willing to speak honestly.

hello my new friend


We need discussion from all sides


I can't help feeling that the question plays right into the identity politics trap. Most people in my view hold values compatible with left and right dogma. But concerted pressure from extremists tends to make us identify our "team" in order to fit in and/or ally against a common foe. Its not necessary. We can be complex and undefined. In my view left and right should be welcome in the melting pot of discourse. The only group that should be excluded are those whos mission is to shame and humiliate others for having an opinion.


If the IDW is truly Intellectual.... we should have representation of all schools of thought here. !!!! What is the purpose otherwise? To engage in some self gratifying activity? The word masturbation comes to mind. We need serious debate to solve serious problems. I thought this platform was going to be the answer to all those insincere pre narrated outlets out there. If that’s not the case I won’t be spending much more time here. I will scrutinize this platform to find different and polar ideas AND I will scrutinize the way we treat people who have those ideas.!!!


Free speech is free speech. If you’re going to have a free speech platform. All must be welcome.

The left are not interested in your opinion - what they ARE interested in is hearing THEIR opinion coming out of YOUR mouth! yet if you have an opinion that is NOT shared by them? free speech goes out the window and your shouted down and not given the opportunity to make YOUR opinion heard. " this is free speech? "

@ROGAN That Minhas tour is a killer!

@ROGAN - you nailed it. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Isnt it a bit late to be dipping toes in the water? Just kidding! Of course anyone willing to debate should be welcomed, unless they just want to muddy the waters, then sharks or moray eels should eat them!

Wow, Graphic haha.


I fled from FriendFace because of the discussion. Not discussion, parroting. Left wing trolls pushing an ideology, deliberately twisting truth for a cheap political gain. If we can maintain honest communication I don't care where they are on the spectrum. (Right wing trolls don't have bullhorns right now.)


Everyone is entitled totheir opiin which I can mock


The term "Left-Wingers" could be loaded to mean "people who espouse their Left-leaning views without civility or simply to fight." I am working on a system to promote diversity of thought in the comment (will full transparency) and having people who want to champion Left ideas could add their insights. In fact, I'm thinking of changing the first "Are you a SJW" to be something more inclusive... I was using SJW to mean the same as "Left-Wingers". A more important question is if people will agree to playing a fair and constructive game versus win at all cost.


I don’t really want to get into the specific details about behaviour because I think that obfuscates the matter... the question is, would you like to see more left leaning people here, and could you ever see them having an equal platform?

I think that there are valid reasons to say no to both of these personally but I would like to know what others think.

Regarding the idea, I don’t mind the term SJW (it’s basically a cliche at this point) but you may want to explore something less cut and dry... there is a diversity of thought among both sides of the aisle and I think that should be embraced.

It would also be interesting to know what percentage of the membership identifies as an SJW etc!

I think we need diversity of opinion that is what moves us forward but right now I think the left has gone off rails

Encompassing all leanings I think you mean trolls. Right wing trolls, left wing trolls, etc.They exist across the spectrum doesn't matter about 'leanings' . To me left-winger is NOT synonymous with troll.

Do SJWs call themselves SJWs? Or is it a label they get from others?

@InternetDorkWeb I'll bite...

In your mind, what makes someone a "Left-winger" or a "Right-winger"... And why would one group be excluded or restricted over the other.

Let's start there.

And in terms of "SJW", that term can span the spectrum and is simply a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.

@CehNehDeh Well for the purpose of this discussion, the definition left-winger is pretty broad... perhaps it could be applied to anyone who doesn’t agree with or like the IDW movement, because they wouldn’t be catered to by this site either.

The conflict is really between being an IDW fansite and truly achieving a diversity of opinion here.

It occurs to me now that may have been a better way of phrasing it... oh well.

Though I think it’s fair to say that people here are conventionally right wing: republican voters, socially conservative, fiscally conservative, “classical” liberals, libertarians, “liberal” in the traditional sense.

What I was getting at about SJWs is that the term has no bite anymore. It’s so overused and warped by time that it says more about the person using it than the person it’s applied to these days.

@InternetDorkWeb Now I'm confused... Did you read the About?


Politically unaffiliated, honest and civil debate, free exchange and debate of ideas, without descending into uncivil discussion, etc., etc...

Nothing about a political bias, anti-political bias in fact...

However, if someone does not agree that that philosophy and/or expects to be catered to, why would they even WANT to be part of this forum? This makes no sense...

It seems to me that the forum really only requires one thing. "Don't be a dick..." If someone can follow that guideline, regardless of personal political affiliation of personal views, I'd think they'd be welcome.

@CehNehDeh I’m not talking about what the rules say though, and that’s probably not helpful.

People with opposing views may be welcome, but why would they come here when it’s about the IDW?

If the goal is to provide a venue for discussion for all views, it may be better to drop the association with the IDW because it is too niche. If on the other hand the focus is on the IDW, the extent that the site can really be about open discussion is in effect limited by its specialisation.

I hope that clarifies things, otherwise I’ll give it another shot tomorrow. 🙂

@InternetDorkWeb I do not consider myself a left or right person I think sometimes those on the right side are correct about issues and I think sometimes those on the left are correct. I like to refer to myself as a "Free Thinker" I also feel that when I speak for myself and what my responsibilities as a person are I can been seen as a Republican, but when I discuss what the government should be doing or not doing many call me a Social Democrat so I personally do not like putting people into boxes or categories it tends to segregate people and I think everyone has a right to be who they are or voice their own opinions without being labeled one or the other as long as they are not inciting some type of abusive behavior.

@Allhart As I said to someone else:

“What I was getting at about SJWs is that the term has no bite anymore. It’s so overused and warped by time that it says more about the person using it than the person it’s applied to these days.“

It’s a cliche. If you call me a SJW, it makes you sound dated, and doesn’t really bother me (or most leftists) at all. You will probably be mocked for using it, as a matter of fact.

At least “ORANGE MAN BAD” was novel for a while.

@Karma-Fride So I don’t doubt that you are a free thinker and you are free to call yourself whatever you like; but I strongly recommend that you stop referring to yourself this way.

Firstly, it sounds extremely pretentious. Unless you want people to think you are full of your own self importance, I would avoid it. Likewise with other self-aggrandising labels (see my username).

Secondly there are reasons why political ideologies develop over time. You are still welcome to pick and choose, though you may then have a hard time justifying your choices. It’s also impractical from a policy standpoint as political parties are generally adversarial and given time will seek to dismantle the opposition’s policies.

A friend of mine (now accomplished political theorist) used to dryly say that floating voters are idiots... this is why; swinging back and forth means perpetual stagnation as they seek to rescind one another.

@InternetDorkWeb Thank you for responding on my post that was nice of you. I think I might be pretentious by many others thinking but to say that I swing back and forth on an issue is not accurate. What I said is that I at times find those that wish to label themselves Republicans or Conservatives are in aliment with my thinking or I am with theirs. Which is rather pretentious of them to give themselves a title. I said at times I agree more with Democrats at other times and I think they are just as pretentious as the Republicans for giving themselves to a title. So since Republicans and Democrats are pretentious in putting themselves in such groups that does make me pretentious because I am a "Free Thinker". An example would be that I believe our borders here in the USA should be closed and for a period like 3 years. I say 3 because a president only has the 4 years and the first is really a carry over from the last president in office. I want the borders closed because our infrastructure can no longer handle the Americans we have in our country right now. We need to close for a long period to fix America. We have too many to count veterans living in make shift cities outside the imaginary walls of our named cities and we are not taking care of them. We have children that only eat one meal a day and that is the free meal they receive at school. There is no reason for us to take in more when we can not help those that are here. However I totally disagree on the way that President Trump is handling the border because he did a ban but he did not include the two countries that were associated with 9/11. Instead he did a ban that was raciest and not justified. Nine of the terrorist came from Saudi, and Trump has done nothing to make us safe from Islam. Instead he has even agreed to have America buy more oil instead of trying to help our country move forward.. Our President refused to listen to Intel from our country and our government that told him the King was responsible for the death of the journalist. I had read an news article the first day he went missing and the article stated that the government knew there was a plan to kidnap the journalist and it was decided by top personal that this man was to be not told about it. I went back and have spent hours looking through old reports to find this article, but there is no evidence I can find that it was there. Instead Trump has used the defensive that Mexico is our problem and all the evidence shows the threat is from over stayed visa and such. So yes I agree with Republicans but do not want to see our borders closed for the wrong reason just to have them closed. I believe that the path one takes to achieve the outcome is just as important if not more important than the end of the journey. I have not wavered back and forth on this issue or sat on a fence. I will not state an opinion on issues, until I have done enough research of it to draw a conclusion and then it is one drawn on facts. I will however if proven that my opinion was wrong will admit it was. Example, my sister became a Muslim around the late 70's. Her and I spent many talks about the Quran and how it was compared to the Bible. I recall after 9/11 my sister and her son and I went shopping and so many people stared at them telling them to go back home. My family I know for sure are at least 3 generation USA so this was and is her home. I was very upset that a person could not be left alone to follow their religion in the country that claimed it was for free religion. I stood behind my sister. About 3 years ago a friend of mine I had met on Facebook saw one of my post claiming we should allow Muslims to live the life under their religion laws. He told me I needed to do alot of research because things have changed since 1970 and that I do not have the full picture of the Quran or how Islam is an ideology. I agreed that if there is new information to be found that I do need to research it and I did and also having experience in this matter I was able to fill in gaps that were not answered at other times but now are pouring forth. So my thoughts on the religion of Muslim changed to the fact that it is not just a religion it is a set of governing laws known as Sharia and that the Ideology of Islam is against the Ideology of what we have in the United States. Like trying to place a square peg into a round hole it will never fit. I do not see that changing my mind on an issue after great research makes me a "floating voter" or an idiot. On the contrary I think it makes me a person that thinks for them self thus a "Free Thinker" So sorry about going so long maybe we should have limit on the amount of characters we can type. 🙂


You need an "I don't care one way or the other" option in this poll. Obviously there are "left wingers" here. I have a personal policy to not engaging them.

Then I think the second option is where you sit.

I don't think so. You can post all you like for all I care; otherwise how would I know if you were a lefty or not. You can say anything you like and you can say it as often as you like; I wouldn't stop you if I could. I feel no impulse or obligation to engage you. I am not here to sway you. That would be the proverbial exercise in futility.@InternetDorkWeb

@iThink You’re saying that you don’t want to engage them... to me that’s the same as preferring they didn’t post.

it is not the same. I want them to post in order to know them. As a rule I simply read what they have to say and shrug it off to willful ignorance and self delusion and let it go at that. LOL! Over the years I learned that the leftist position is based largely mostly upon emotion. People who rely so heavily upon their emotions although unable to support their position with fact and logic are unable and unwilling to think their argument just might be fallacious and generally they go away feeling all the more morally superior and self righteous. "I am a caring person - THEY are just mean white people, Jewish people, Christian people, Hetero people, haters of brown people, Palestinian people, poor people etc ". There is no point in engaging someone who is convinced of their own moral superiority. To me it is enough to know that their arguments do not hold up under scrutiny and I let it go at that. I find it most insulting and condescending to be characterized is that way when really all the "conservative minded" people want is to live in a society where there are generally recognized truths and acknowledgement of those Truths. All we want is to live a peaceful, productive ordered life. To be ambiguious toward law and order is to have no Justice (law) at all. To live by emotional whim can only lead to a downward spiral of a given society. I believe we are living in such conditions today. The leftist has nothing to offer that is constructive, instructive, productive, morally based. They (leftists) represent destruction - destruction of all that is good. Good does not mean perfect. All systems are flawed and no system can be all things to all people at all times. There will always be a relative few people who fall and a relative few who surpass whatever measures of success we may use. @InternetDorkWeb

@iThink Do you ever worry that you might be the same way yourself?

please explain your question@InternetDorkWeb

@iThink That you are also susceptible to ignorance and self-delusion.

of course I am susceptible to those things but I strive in TRUE Liberal fashion to be open to the possibilities that my observation and position might be wrong. Show me an objective (as in NOT emotional based) argument about your position and I'll take a good look at it. Although I am not an unemotional man I tend to not make decisions on emotional grounds. Maintaining objectiveness is paramount

Why? Isn’t that burying your head in the sand? Let’s engage by all means. And let’s not descend into identity politics. But let’s address it and call it out?

I revel in this forum where free exchange of ideas is the basis for its existence. I don't care if you identify as liberal or conservative. It is the ideas you hold and how your present them and defend them that matters to me. @TangoAires

@iThink " KUDOS! "

thank you sir@ROGAN


I realize this is mostly a site for conservative discussion but if all we do is " preach to the choir" we are not really affecting any change. I would prefer that all opinions be welcomed and respected as long as those presenting them show the same respect. When we listen to all opinions with an open mind there is the possibility that minds can be changed, especially when the position is articulated well, with facts and without rancor. When we close down the site to thought different from ours, we are acting in a manner that is contradictory to traditional conservative dogma. We are the ones that listen to all sides, we on the right believe in Free Speech and are not afraid of debate. Choosing to not allow other voices is what conservatives often accuse liberals of. If you have strong core beliefs no discussion or challenge should frighten you but instead you should welcome the opportunity to throw some light onto the subject and possibly turn one from blue to purple or in the best scenario, red. MAGA

I disagree. Right and left have become meaningless to me. The Brits defines left very differently from the Americans and the world really is that small. Put the spectrum into a collectivist v. individualist cast and then this way there is no confusion. Also collectivist =/= community, communities are built on voluntary associations. This is holds up to the national level. You should be able to vote with your feet.

Also, there are other spectrums/dimensions in this arena, by avoiding the increasingly inaccurate shorthand of L-R we can dispense with a lot of misunderstanding.


I would like to engage more Left Wingers but I consider Conservatives to have superior intelligence.

@Dunne I hope his statement was meant to be a joke.


I would love to extend the invite to everyone. We all should be welcome to enjoy any available means for communication and debating important issue's that concern the world.


Anyone who seeks a meaningful dialogue for the purpose of better understanding our differing opinions and discussing mutual solutions is welcome as long as I don’t hear meaningless buzzwords like “Nazi”, “fascist”, “xenophobe”, “homophobe”, “transphobe” or any other of the long list of generally radical left wing insults that are designed to help them avoid defending their positions. Basically JFK style liberals welcome, AOC antifa type people maybe should stay away.

Right??? Try being a German immigrant in this country. That Nazi crap is talked more here than in my homeland!!! And I get spit on and told to go back where I came from, and that I'm a racist....its whatever. God gave me thick skin and one he'll of a backbone. But its sick.


Sure, include leftists, if they can engage reasonably and civilly, and refrain from personal attacks. I don't think it's good to create an ideolgical bubble, and having our ideas challenged is always a good thing. I am worried that "reasonable" isn't typically associated with leftists, though. ?


I have only one wish concerning left-wingers, I would like them to respect freedom of speech. Period. If such left-wingers exist, bring them here, no problem!

From a point in history the left wing were the champions of freedom of speech and dissidence.

I think you may have had more from the louder minority than from the reasonable majority.

I'm extremely left wing but I value freedom of speech above a lot.

@BegrudginglyLeft - People like you love to say the left is the party of free speech, etc. Just not so. What the left is commonly known for is assassinating Lincoln, opposition to the abolishing of slavery, starting the KKK, Jim Crow laws, opposing the civil rights amendments (Republicans helped pass that). So...basically you are dead wrong. The democrat party is the party of racism, of hate, of societal division, of communism/socialism. Democrats today support anything but free they seek to shout down anybody on a college campus or in public that they disagree with. Democrats like you fail to see the say you are anti-fascist all the while trying to silence anybody who disagrees with you...which of course is fascism.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

@Claude It seems you've just made up your own monster as to who you think I am. Such a childish and petty response.

I'm not from America, mate. I wouldn't support either of your woefully terrible parties if I was, as both are war mongering stooges. Nor do I identify with Antifa, I identify with Anticunt. You can be left, centre or right to be on that side.

Look deeper into what fascism actually is my friend, they're stupidly authoritarian I agree. You just don't really seem to have a grip on what it truly is, nor what is outside of your bubble.


Sure! let them in and post... it gives me more opportunity to see how twisted they are and to read how crazy they get when confronted with LOGIC - instead of sheer emotion. lol!


Strange poll... Surely we want everyone? Open discussions. Bounce ideas. Figure stuff out together?

Not necessarily. How often are arguments with people who completely disagree with you productive?

@InternetDorkWeb you mean win ?

@Organicplum If either side develops their position then I consider that productive. The problem is that if both sides are starting in antithesis to one another, the discussion is unlikely to have the nuance to develop either side very much... and while it’s possible to change your mind completely on something, that’s a long and slow process... not something that will occur after a single conversation.

Human psychology is simply not built for challenging fundamental beliefs on a regular basis.

@InternetDorkWeb I don’t agree. I have changed my mind about things not because some one pounded me but because some one had a better argument. It’s an aha moment. Not a long and gruesome struggle. You have your ignorance lifted with one good argument or fact. That opens you up and gives you a willingness to further understanding. Then you do your own research and THEN you eiher change your mind or you don’t. If there is a platform where everybody feels safe to test their ideas then people will change their minds OR NOT. As we know there is a NEED for opposition in life to keep going forward. So there is a NEED for this platform to embrace all schools of thought. It’s the CONVERSATION that matters. Not who wins! We are here because we are in desperate need for an unbiased platform where we can test our ideas and be informed. Not to dig trenches Well let’s test them!

@InternetDorkWeb Not often, but enough to encourage me to engage with them. People can accept another's view when it's seen as there lived experience, while their own experience is totally different. The old saying also seems to hold some truth in that people change with experience, " If you are not a socialist by 20 you have no heart, if you are not a conservative by 40 you have no brain"

@Jacko_Smythe What a surprise, a conservative over the age of forty trying to justify their political views with trite remarks.

The assumption that older people are more informed about the world than young people are is complete horseshit. Lived experience might provide some level of insight but the utility of this is dubious when we have no idea about what that experience entailed. What actually counts is how well read, worldly and intelligent you are. Such people can be found of all political persuasions, but the one thing they have in common is they don’t justify their opinions with Churchill quotes.


If your opinion changed as quickly as you say, then clearly you were not that committed to it in the first place.

I do not think being so ready to change your mind is a good thing either. Your views should be somewhat robust.

? Cracking, let's give the vote to kids, as long as they can sign their name.

@Jacko_Smythe Because that’s a fair and reasonable interpretation of what I said: “older people are not more informed than young people are, therefore children should vote”.


There are many admitted leftists here. It appears that a majority of members are Sam Harris fans as his charity has received, by far, the most coins. This is a healthy community where dialogue prevails over ideology.

The ratio is almost 7:1 based on the poll.


How about ... "Left and Right mean different things in different places, so the appellation has become meaningless"

People use the term in many different ways; that doesn’t make it meaningless.

There is the relative sense, such as saying the democratic party is left-wing because it is more in favour of more economic regulation than the Republicans... or we can use the more precise definition of left which means “common ownership of the means of production” which neither the Democrats nor the Republicans fall under.

The only reason it seems useless to you is that you are living under a false dichotomy; there are only two serious parties in American politics (both broadly similar) and that’s why these labels don’t make so much sense.

@InternetDorkWeb it also is meaningless because our cousins across the pond cannot agree with us on the definitions of the terms

I think Left and right thinking doesn’t suit the purpose of thinking in resolutions any more. The world is ready for some pragmatic thinking. I would rather pit pragmatism against ideological thinking. Let’s think about the 3 biggest problems we as a civilization are facing and let’s find solutions!! And let’s the harness the utility of left AND right to find a balanced solution.


I'm all for left-wingers being included! "Iron sharpens iron". If our own ideas are wrong, opposition refines them. If they are correct, opposition strengthens them! Helpful would be joining the logical fallacy group, to help recognize wrong arguments and wrong approaches to arguments.


I think the mistake is labeling people as left or right. It's a version of identity politics which just assumes individuals conform to the stereotype. I am interested in discussing individual issues with everybody. People are multi-faceted and never fit 100% into a particular mould. For the same reason, I'm not particularly interested in using classifications like "liberal" or "conservative" etc or "-isms".

I think all contributions and all viewpoints, as long as they are respectfully expounded and do not sink to attacks on the person, are welcome.

Well said!

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