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Hello from "Admin"

As you may have noticed, I've been away for a while. Around March of last year, I got pulled away to work on another large project. Just checking in to see how things are going and to help fix anything that's broken/etc. Let me know in the comments. I also hope to be here more often - missed the great discussions and news.

Admin 8 Nov 23

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0 works and doesn't.

I can't get slug to send me a message to my email account to register my email.

Do we have backup platforms that we can retreat to if IDW goes down?
My identity is jaymaron on most platforms, such as twitter, truthsocial, etc.
I have platforms at
[] (Old School Homeschool)
I'm "uglybadger" at skype.

  • The site certificate has expired and needs to be renewed
  • Also as you probably know this site is not index on Google and cannot be found on a normal web search, perhaps now as Trump derangement syndrome has died down you might be able to get it indexed on Google so the site can be found on a web search.

It seems that no one is bothering to look after this site. Questions are going unanswered, claimed actions are either not explained/available or do not work.
You or somebody needs to immediately give some attention to this site or close it down. It has become very annoying in its current state with no one to keep things functioning smoothly and/or to respond to concerns.
Because of the very poor customer service, I'm soon ready to give up on IDW.


Ever since you left, no body loves me. Miss you long time.


Welcome back! Was starting to think this place had been cast adrift.
To add to what @Mechanic has said, I've noticed that the reply function arrow thingy is sometimes missing in posts (you can still submit a comment, but not directly reply to any specific poster in the comments). Doesn't happen often but often enough.


There have definitely been a few things not working correctly. Private messaging being one, there was also a few clone accounts that caused some havoc around here. The spammers appear to have moved on, but it would be good to prevent the ability to clone groups and accounts under the same name. The main spammer also manipulated the referral system to gain access to upper levels functions. Overall I enjoy the community here.


😂You have been missed. Happy Thanksgiving.


Sure---Galavanting hither and yon for months on end, doing lord knows what with who knows who,

THEN you come crawling back at Thanksgiving for the Holidays! Next you'll be hitting us up for a loan

for your new "friends" you met on the road that are giving you their Christmas sob stories!

Just trying to pass on the family vibe. Good to see you. But the friends have to sleep in the garage.

Best, T


Ah yeah, private messenger hasn't worked for me in ages. Had wanted to message you on a few things.

Ok, will put it on the list

@Admin Thanks!


Hey dude, glad to read you and hope you've been doing good. Hope you'll get a chance to be more active on here. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

Nice to see you're still here! The number of posts per day have gone down a little without advertising. Might want to dust things off and buy some ads.

@Admin Yup, still hanging in there, and have crossed paths with some interesting people during my time on here. Overall traffic does appear to be on the decline slightly, and not many new members. When I get a chance, is it okay to email you as messenger doesn't work?

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