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Pelosi To Deploy Military Against American People In Federal Conquest of State By State - []

JohnBurke 7 July 12
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Before my PC suffered a senior moment and lost some of my favorite piccies, I had one portraying colonials at Yorktown facing off against Brit regulars. It was commented something like: "They told us to surrender our guns, we shot them." The US military is volunteer. They will not fire on assembled citizenry -- until after the new Chairman manages to purge all of those who honor their oath to the Const above obedience to orders. After that, Yorktown again. For the same reasons. And, oddly enough, coming from the same compass direction. History is weird.

BUT, "you are doomed to repeat history if you do not know it"!!!!!
Why do you think THEY no longer teach HISTORY in our schools, and work so hard to destroy any signs of it???????????????????
Remember, THEY just took down Robert E. Lee's statue!!!!

"They will not fire on assembled citizenry"
I think the picture in your head is a bunch of people just standing around in the park. Average soldiers would not fire on them after looking at their faces.
Change the picture so the Captain in charge was told active terrorists are in the house over the hill. A drone pilot looking at a green and black screen is told his target is a terrorist camp that looks like a slightly glowing house. Three is no counter information to warrant disobeying a direct order.

@Penrodster Every mission has a debriefing. IN that, after there is a body count, all involved will share who got killed. At this point the participants will get to decide if they obeyed a legal/moral order, or if the commander needs to be fragged. This can (& hopefully, will) occur until the military is purged of all of those who honor their oath to the Const. I hold out no long term hope as a similar drastic program was played out in the Catholic church; priests take an oath to God of chastity -- and then look all around them at the practicing gays, and especially how abusers are protected at the highest levels. Letting priests marry will not fix that as someone who breaks an oath to their god cannot be trusted on anything, at any level.
As solders, however, return to their families, the timeline of corruption will differ.

@bobbo666 Yes, the debrief after will complicate matters for soldiers moral compass, which is good. We should always re-examine ourselves. (Drone pilot likely has less of these problems.)d

One example I'm drawing on for my mental ... bent is Waco. Many of the agents three still have no problem with the body count and have even moved up in the hierarchy and advocate for more of the same against large factions of the country.


Building the KGB.

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