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Tyranny – REMEMBER 1776

SUMMARY: America is under a state of tyrannical control which in my opinion has not been experienced since the series of events that led 13 British Colonies on the North American continent to unite and declare Independence in 1776.

In a true history deprived America, many Americans might not be aware that those colonial citizens were not united in desiring to end British rule. There may have been loose unity to end British tyranny, but not necessarily to end British citizenship.

TODAY Americans are way more divided now than American colonists before, during and after 1776. I marvel that Americans exist that are 100% behind the Dem-Marxist agenda to transform America AWAY from HER Founding Principles making the State supreme in the lives of citizens rather than individual citizens supreme over how the government is operated. The supreme State dissolves WE THE PEOPLE.

Here are three essay posts highlighting that the end of WE THE PEOPLE is imminent creating Sheeple obeisance to State diktats on belief systems. UNLESS there is some kind American Great Awakening of massive resistance. It could be time for Patriots desiring to Remember Founding Liberty to shrug off any State-imposed stain of domestic terrorist and begin to chant REMEMBER 1776 much like yesteryear Texans chanted Remember The Alamo in their rebellion against tyranny. -READ: []

JohnHouk 8 Oct 3
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America may not be built to last. The best solution may be for the Marxists and the rest of us to separate into two new countries.

sqeptiq Level 10 Oct 3, 2021

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