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Inept Biden Administration Finds a New Way to Destroy the Lives of Americans []

JohnBurke 8 Oct 14
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The first question is, “When does the revolution start?”
Biden can’t hold back the massive wall of resistance so the second question is, “Will this result in a civil war?”
The status quo is a complete failure.

Rick-A Level 8 Oct 14, 2021

This is intentional. Dementia Joe is on board but certainly not the "brains" behind this unraveling of America. The puppet masters want everyone on their knees. Since that includes the middle and upper layers of the economic structure of our society I suspect this dismantling will continue to escalate for some time to come. The lower echelon are already terrified of where this is going, but those earning multiple 100's of thousands a year also have to be brought to their knees. I don't even want to think what it will take for them to also be begging for mercy.

I do find it rather hysterical that they want IRS to monitor all spending by citizens of any transactions amounting to $600 or more when our esteemed leader currently owes IRS $500,000, and has a full spectrum of secretive financial dealing with his son's enterprises as well as his brother's and Lord know how many other side scams running. Further, not a single Congressperson or Senator is exposed for all their back room dealings for influence. But no, let's hold everyones nickel and dime transactions under a microscope, supposedly to find all those nasty cheaters.

Glenn Beck had a few words to say about the plan to destroy America in order to bring on the Great Reset. You might find it interesting:


Ineptitude is the obvious answer for the first half dozen crisis but at some point you have to think it's "The Plan."

That's the idea. Ineptitude of the designated fall guy the excuse.


Emperor Biden plays the violin as America burns.

The entire Biden slogan is (with the first half implied but not said): BURN IT DOWN (to) build it back better.

@GaryMysels said without thinking of the implications.

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