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One of my favorite quotes from Harris.

SpikeTalon 10 Feb 14
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The feeling of certainty is essential for many. It allows them to feel safe and get on with their lives. It is my guess that the need to be certain is part of a slight majority of the population. Our survival instincts make us feel uncomfortable in uncertainty. It is instinctive to want to move from discomfort to comfort. Our human imagination has made it possible for us to convince ourselves, through religion or leadership, that we are safe even when not.

Pand0ro Level 7 May 25, 2020

Same on the flip side, too.


Good to catch a post of yours Spike..Hope you are well.. Sam is an amazing character. .. I always enjoy his debates .. Especially his outing of the world wide Muslim acceptance hypocrisy. . It's an hypocrisy so glaring with some issues , like feminists fawning over hijabs or outing themselves as gay.. Go do that in Saudi or Iraq.
All 3rd wavers should be sponsored by the Government to spend 3 months in a Muslim dominated country. Burqha up.. be wife no 6 . And then stay if they like it...
I heard Jordan Peterson surmise that because Woman have attempted to dilute masculinity so much . They now crave for that domination and total Male control again so are allowing Islam a pass... It's kinda surreal. ..


It's all about the conviction of that. I got a feeling...

Admin Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

In Physix:


∞Ix- → (YOU)

Kill the heathen.


∞Ix+ → (YOU)

Love the heathen.

It's a suicidal ideology. It needs to know how to defend itself. It only works if there is a critical mass of congruent ideologies.
I think we are dangerously close to the precipice. The greatest irony in history, that Trump is evidence of a higher power that is interested in the success of this country.

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Posted by GodlessHarris is refreshingly upfront about his argument: the subtitle of his book is How Science Can Determine Human Values.

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Posted by ChadwickShould Sam Harris have Stefan Molyneux or Jared Taylor on his Making Sense pod cast to talk about Race?

Posted by SpikeTalonOne of my favorite quotes from Harris.

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