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Should Sam Harris have Stefan Molyneux or Jared Taylor on his Making Sense pod cast to talk about Race?

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Chadwick 2 Feb 15
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Molyneux is an intellectual midget. Just look at the garbage he's "self-published". Riddled with rudimentary errors, nothing original, regurgitated trash sprinkled with his toxic misogynistic, narcissistic disposition. Just go read the first few pages of "Art of the Argument" - it's utter nonsense that any average-IQ high-schooler could dismantle in short order. And this from a self-described "philosopher"?


I am about as interested in hearing either on as a guest as someone who promotes the idea of flat earth or some of the guests on red eye radio where people talk about aliens probing their ass or ghosts.

Race is a dumb topic. For instance what do you know about an individual if you see he is black?

Now dorks who think these guys are wise will say I don't want to face the truth. What is the truth? Yes, population differ. But populations aren't race. You won't see many blacks from East Africa winning a medal in the 100 meters finals in the Olympics. You won't see many blacks from West Africa wining a medal in the marathon in the Olympics. Different populations and different genetics but because they have black skin we are supposed to think they are the same population?


I would like to see Richard on the podcast. I do think he can convince Sam to let go of his regressive blind spots. Atheism is unstoppable would also make a good podcast guest.


Jared Taylor, for sure! He makes Molyneux look like a cuck when it comes to race and Molyneux has already been on the show. Or Maybe David Duke, Richard Spencer or Atheism Is Unstoppable!


Yes! I saw Molynexu on Dave Rubin's show and he's really smart! Sam already likes to talk about race and IQ so I think it would be a great podcast. I don't know who Jared Taylor is but I will have to check him out if he's IDW like these guys. Classical Liberals Unite!

okay Level 4 Feb 19, 2019

I could understand having Molyneux on, don't see why he would bother with Taylor.

Philip Level 1 Feb 17, 2019

How about Mike Enoch?


It won't make the arguments of these two people any more advanced. It wouldn't make them more threatening, and offering them a platform should only be considered wrong if you allow them to go unapposed.
I would honestly like to hear Sam's counter arguement. It'll result in me being better equiped to discuss the issue myself.


Given his previous comments there is absolutely no way this would happen. Although I think it would be interesting if it did

What was Sam's comment?

@okay Atheism is unstoppable made a whole video about it.


No reason to have either of them on.

Not an argumrnt. Are you afraid of ideas?


I voted yes, would like to see that.

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