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POLL I've been wondering what people think will happen in the future regarding the ideologies being pushed by the far left regarding trans and LGB issues ("There are 100 genders", "Genital preferences are wrong", "biological sex doesn't matter" etc). Of ...
dylanhope951 July 7 Jul 7 00
Hey everyone, is posting videos from one's own YT channel allowed here? I made a video about listening to people you disagree with and feel that it's a topic appropriate for this group so thought I'd ask. I won't post unless I get the go-ahead. ...
Jenn156 July 7 Jul 7 11
I know that this doesn't fit this group and probably doesn't belong here but I have a quick lesbian question and this is the only group on this site that might have a couple. In order to strengthen the Lesbian/Straight Guy Grand Coalition or LSGGC. ...
Shiosakai July 7 Jul 7 22
Watched your video about BLM and the similarities you see with Trans activism. All social justice spawned movements share similar DNA. They come from the same place, ideologically, they're fueled by the same discourse. Personally I've grown bored...
onionvsopinion July 6 Jul 6 22
I couldn't believe something I came across on Twitter today. For context, the original tweet was a woman telling her story about losing another pregnancy to a miscarriage. The tweet with the kids is a mother trying to reassure her that there is a ...
Xaran July 6 Jul 6 66
Arielle’s latest video with Gina Bontempo discussing ways BLM might not be helping the movement. Check it out! I wonder why there’s an agenda toward everything (thinking about the left media) and how this can be overcome.
Ladybird96 July 6 Jul 6 33
I watched your video about how you think BLM and the LGBT are acting similarly. I agree. I’ve basically been excommunicated from the LGBT group as a transsexual man because of certain beliefs I hold about the trans community itself. They tell me ...
ShaneRooker July 6 Jul 6 55
Recently something happened involving Arielle and Storm Ryan... it caused a moment of clarity for me. The treatment of homosexuals are recieving and in this day of all identities are valid we can't call ourselves homosexuals and we must call ...
EarthBear66 July 5 Jul 5 77
Like the nerd I am I was early on seeing through black lives SCAMMERS. I supported them for a week at the beginning of the Ferguson riots then I saw what that they weren't doing anything but destroying things. So I went on their website and they had ...
Shiosakai July 5 Jul 5 33
I've been thinking about the 58+ plus genders that don't exist. I think what's happening in society is that we're conflating gender and identity. We all search for meaning and identity, especially during our formative years. These days it's so ...
Lacie July 5 Jul 5 44
Black Lives Matter vs Blexit Both CAN and I'm sure DO help black America, but have VERY different ways of going about it. Which do you prefer? What do you think about each organization? Watch the video here :
ariellescarcella July 5 Jul 5 88
Hey, I just gotta say, and hi there yeah, I know, I've never met you before so now you can say we met, but anyways, I like your name, Arielle, , and then Scarcella, like, scar, proof of something happening, cell, meaning one of ...
caseyxsharp July 4 Jul 4 11
Hi Arielle! Any general thoughts or upcoming content on the gender critical page on reddit being shut down? Thanks for all your work and discussion on your platform! It's needed right now.
WhatIsGoingOn July 3 Jul 3 55
Hi Arielle! You mentioned in one of your videos that you tended to be my physically attracted to bisexual woman as opposed to lesbians. I've noticed the same thing about myself (I'm bi). Do you know why that might be? I'm genuinely curious
Lacie July 2 Jul 2 33
Is it ever okay to out people?
Anders July 2 Jul 2 77
I'm seeing massive similarities between BLM and Trans activism. Ex : If you're not completely compliant with what we are saying, you're excommunicated from the black / LGBT community. What have you noticed that's similar between both movements?
ariellescarcella July 1 Jul 1 1212
POLL ‘Queer Liberation March’ mounts leftist assault on free thought An article written by my friend Brad, who's a gay man and leans more right. What do we think? Has LGBT pride become overly LEFT and political? (
ariellescarcella June 29 Jun 29 99
This kind of nonsense is NOT helping the cause - comments welcome.
iThink June 28 Jun 28 55
Regarding your video: "I Lived As A Woman For 10 Years, Then Missed Being A Man" The part that jumped out to me in this interview was Dustin declaring that when he transitioned he destroyed all memories etc of his past self and then 10 years ...
Chanel June 27 Jun 27 77
LINK Remembering the UpStairs Lounge: The U.S.A.’s Largest LGBT Massacre Happened 40 Years Ago Today | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Naomi June 25 Jun 25 22
Y'all should subscribe to Quillette, it's full of meaty articles. This number: - The Purity Paradox: How Tolerance and Intolerance Increase at the Same Time - The Great Awokening and the Second American Revolution...
Anders June 25 Jun 25 22
Ok. I love walking along the waterline at the beach (Pacific Beach in San Diego). I always finish a couple mile walk with sitting on the boardwalk wall and just watching people and thinking. So, Sunday, I watched a bunch of 20-something guys ...
tracycoyle June 25 Jun 25 11
POLL Do you think Islam is a religion of peace?
ariellescarcella June 24 Jun 24 1818
Ex-Muslim Gay Man Escapes Homophobic Religion. What questions do you have for him? Video coming soon!!
ariellescarcella June 24 Jun 24 66
We’ve all heard the term “All Lives Matter”, and whether or not it is a right or wrong thing to say in context with the current state of our world is debatable. Many call it inconsiderate, but there is a certain validity to it. Many have coined...
Tati June 24 Jun 24 44

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