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Roger McNamee speaks with Sam about the troubles with Facebook. I understood very little about the profiting by FB and other entities of our personal information until I listened to this conversation. Eye opening and outrageous. Andrew Yang is correct in wanting us to all benefit with UBI from the fortunes these companies have made and will continue to ekrew from our personal information.

Juliann 6 Mar 30
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Currently about 1/2 way through the podcast with Roger and it’s very enlightening!!! Especially how all the collected data morphs together to create our digital doppelgänger and how that can be used to destroy us in the end.

Tim4280 Level 4 Apr 18, 2019

Universal Basic Income not just helps share the profit made by Internet giants but also from the humongous profits made by companies around the world that shift to automation and apply Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiencies. This increase in profit from improved efficiencies end up in the pockets of the companies and it has to change.

The people need a fair share of the resources. The people deserve a fair share. UBI is one of the ways of achieving that and making it possible!

Looks like the question still remains as to how many human jobs are going to be replaced by A.I.