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Wonder if he means those BLM guys who hate President Trump.. regardless, they’re dumb enough to do stupid shit on their own. But maybe they need another leftist cry from Biden, Pelosi, Pressley, etc., to rise up against the tyranny of Trump!! In that case, good job, Joe!!

“Biden said Trump’s “liberate Michigan” tweet from April of this year summoned the domestic terrorists.”


tonkotsu 7 Oct 17
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The 77-year-old crook. LOL

guru Level 7 Oct 17, 2020

Biden said....?
Take it with a grain of salt.


Here is the Biden LIE of his career.
He told a blatant boldfaced lie to every American.


Rick-A Level 7 Oct 17, 2020

Also Biden said that President Donald Trump has “yet once to condemn white supremacy, the neo-Nazis.” yet another blatant lie from Joe.

@guru you just wonder how many times the guy has to condemn it before Bozo Biden stops lying about it.

@Lightman I think lying is Biden's natural condition. Maybe he repeats lies so much that he can actually remember them.

@guru Maybe he lies so often he doesn't know what the truth actually is.

@Lightman He is senile, and he repeats himself over and over again. It’s proof the man is missing mental components!