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The West should be grateful to Russia. It is where western civilization survives and thrives. In Moscow, they are having theater performances of Alice in Wonderland, and if you look closely, you will notice something strange. Alice is a white female that can find the bathroom even in Wonderland. She is not a black hairy dude named Jamal who "transitioned" to a surgically altered Karen with make-up. Alice in Wonderland is considered a literary nonsense genre, but it still makes more sense than current western ideas, does it not?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 English novel by Lewis Carroll. It details the story of a young girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of anthropomorphic creatures. It is seen as an example of the literary nonsense genre. The artist John Tenniel provided 42 wood engraved illustrations for the book.

It received positive reviews upon release and is now one of the best-known works of Victorian literature; its narrative, structure, characters and imagery have had widespread influence on popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy genre.] It is credited as helping end an era of didacticism in children's literature, inaugurating a new era in which writing for children aimed to "delight or entertain". The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. The titular character Alice shares her given name with Alice Liddell, a girl Carroll knew.

The book has never been out of print and has been translated into 174 languages. Its legacy covers adaptations for screen, radio, art, ballet, opera, musicals, theme parks, board games and video games

Krunoslav 9 Sep 15
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Good on Varvara, must have genuine talent. Altering the norm for Virtual Signaling does nothing to bond anyone to anything just ruins your breakfast.


Culturally, Russia has much more in common with Great Britain and France than with any Asian country.

It is a sophisticated place with many influences , for sure. But overall, yes it is more Eurasian than Asian, meaning Chinese.

The Orthodox Christianity came straight out of Byzantine Empire, that' why Russia considered itself to have third Rome in Moscow and continuation of failing western civilization. It also created Eurasian outlook, seeing itself as its own Civilization that has a rightful place along side other great Civilization of Europe, and China and India and Middle Eastern civilizations of ancient Persia and Egypt.

The Orthodox Christianity was brought and preserved from Byzantine Empire days. During Industrial revolution it tried to enter modernity although it has adopted Communism it did industrialize and after the fall of Soviet Union , Putin was both naive and interested in Russia joining Europe and NATO at first. But America would not allow Russia and Germany to become rival to US, so for US it was always keep Germany down, Keep American influence in Europe, via UK especially, and keep Russia out.

But non the less, there is a lot that Russia adopted from the western civilizations, both America and Europe. Including UK.

Jesus, Byzantium and the Slavic legacy: The true meaning behind the Russian flag explained
The white, blue, and red banner and the double-headed eagle on the coat of arms are recognized all over the world. Where did they come from? []

If you are interested I would suggest to take a listen to this discussion, about Eurasian idea of civilization and what comes after fall of Western Civilization that we are witnessing, can some parts be salvaged and used for something new.

Gonzalo Lira Roundtable #17: Michael Millerman, Mark Sleboda

Sep 1, 2022 We will be discussing the philosophy and place in Russian society of philosopher Alexander Dugin.

@Krunoslav All true. Some of my ancestors were among the German farmers Katherine the Great brought to Russia.


It's loud and clear, folks. Krunoslav here is pro-Russia pro-Putin. He has previously said his ideal government would be a monarchy.

And what are you pro? Or do you define yourself by what you hate?

@Styrax pro-America, pro-Democracy, pro-Freedom. Everything that would make Krunoslav seethe with rage.

@JacksonNought I think you sell Krunoslav short. I personally am anti- american politics. Your politics always spill over to the rest of the world and that's not always a good thing. Compare the 2, Putin is a stronger leader than Biden. Morality aside, and both those countries are no heroes, who is the stronger leader for their respective countries?

@Styrax "who is the stronger leader for their respective countries" probably the one who isn't murdering political opponents and invading another country and consistently depleting resources for this silly war. I think the stronger leader is the one who can see his opposition constantly attack him and wish for his death and call him a senile pedophile and use his dead son and his addict son as an attack and just shrug it off rather than having people mysteriously fall out of windows.


Yep. POC are slowly destroying white culture and if we continue to appease them, they will succeed.

FEWI Level 8 Sep 15, 2022

I remember reading a movie review. It decried the lack of presence of blacks, asians and women in any roles whatsoever and that it was cast with all white men. What was the movie you ask? Dunkirk. I was quite stunned by the utter stupidity of the reviewer.

For those who may not know, Dunkirk was the story of the evacuation while under German attack of the British Expeditionary Force from France in WW2.

I was surprised the reviewer didn't mention toxic masculinity.

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Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

Posted by KrunoslavAin't the hypocrisy of the "elites" and compliance of the sheep truly disgusting?

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