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I'm sure this is old but it was in my cleanup of photos.

wolfhnd 8 Dec 19
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Is someone in this thread admitting to be being a MARXIST??????????????

It's not a secret? While Marx was a vile human being most of his gullible cult members are willing to over look that because Marxism appeals to the narcissistic.

@wolfhnd Amen brother!


It's almost like no capitalist reform will avert crisis.

Where does this mythical capitalist beast exist? You of course know that the human scum Karl Marx invented that beast out of thin air. But you probably also realize that every cult leader needs a good myth to attract people who are incapable of dealing with reality.

In this particular case there would be no crisis were it not for Corpocracy. Or if you like the socialist version there of known as Fascism. Your masters use your naivety for power and wealth. A crisis as your masters have said should never be wasted but used to extend the power of the state. Unfortunately for you you are not part of the party hierarchy and therefore what they mean when they say state. Even if you made it into the club and got some minor role at an organization such as the WEF you would still just be a tool of some evil exploiter. If you think "capitalists" are bad look at the kind of criminals that always rise to the top of "socialist" hierarchies. They all bear a remarkable resemblance to the psychopath Stalin. I offer Trudeau and Biden as examples.

Now you can go back to your mythological fantasies.

@wolfhnd You posted about it!

@wolfhnd Tell me, how do you avoid "corporatocracy" when your ideal version of capitalism is rooted in the enclosure of the commons (property theft and rentierism) and the family trust? Now tell me how your capitalism will cope with the crises that grow from capitalism's contradictions. How will that risk be managed?


If you want to manage risks you can start by getting rid of idiot bureaucrats like Fauci.

I'm not a believer in objectivism nor any other variety of laissez faire free market theories. As to private ownership it has always been something of a myth. If society isn't regulated by law it is regulated by violence of one form or the other. Take land and housing as an example. Even in the wild west it became clear that water rights would have to be regulated and there was a need for fences. At first it was a matter of range wars and the strong overcoming the weak but as civilization encroached laws were enforced to prevent abuses. Public land passed into private ownership and the cattle barons more or less passed into history. Anytime there is regulation it compromises private ownership. With ownership comes taxation and if you don't pay your taxes the government takes your property. Currently the trend is in the opposite direction where banksters/investment firms take advantage of government policies to acquire property. They are the ruthless cattle barons of the current age. Instead of guns their violence is enacted through collusion with the government. Government policies that made private ownership difficult gave corporations a real advantage. Those are the corporations that the leftist seldom attack because they are not sophisticated enough to see the corruption. The green new deal has made many corporations incredibly rich.

The question isn't so much if there will be regulation but who is going to do the regulation. The kind of people that are attracted to socialism are probably the worse choice because that personality type is low in conscientiousness. They are easily distracted by novelty and lazy, sensitive and neurotic. They climb bureaucratic structures through networking not competence. Civilization requires meritocratic hierarchies of competence. The alternative is chaos as we see Europe with the energy crisis and failing underfunded healthcare systems.

The idea behind free markets is that the competent will be in control of resources. But free markets never really are free because of the "Mathew effect". That is why there are anti trust laws and curbs on free market excesses. Liberal Democracy is a reasonable compromise between the tragedy of the commons and Tyranny.

Were the socialist/fascist/greens more competent the green energy movement would look much different. All the West has really accomplished is to export pollution and slave labor to China and other countries outside the Western sphere. While at the same time overlooking the corporatism that made many exploiters incredibly rich. The accompanying corruption was entirely predictable to anyone not caught up in narcissistic virtue signaling. It was the perfect environment to entrench corporatism or socialistic fascism. While the great reset has set it's eyes on consumerism the incompetence at the WEF is becoming more evident. Cracking down of consumerism thru manufactured crisis and inflationary policies will break the illusion that something has been done to curb global warming. China has no intentions of being ruled by the idiots in the WEF. While they may have allowed the West to export pollution and slave labor to them consumerism was the only thing keeping this deal made in hell alive.

What we see is the growing hypocrisy of Western elites and there "educated" minions. If they were serious about global warming non essential air travel would have been the first thing to go in the digital communication age. As it turns out that is something the "elites" refuse to give up even though a single jet trip releases more co2 per passenger that a year of living for a working family. All that has been accomplished is to deepen the social divide between the productive and the leisure classes such as entertainers, "managers", academics, many professionals, the financial classes, etc. It turns out that socialism is fascism in the modern world and the workers no longer a concern. The hypocrisy couldn't be more evident as the political class built around workers rights has become the party of the exploiters. It is pretty much what always happens with socialism as the pigs are always more equal. Hierarchies become more entrenched they just are no longer hierarchies of competence.

P.S. As to family trusts, since you brought it up, you don't think nepotism is a problem in socialism? There is always a party hierarchy and nepotism takes the form of special treatment for the party leadership. Who regulates the regulators? It certainly doesn't seem to be the leisure classes that I listed above. The party has gone out of it's way to placate them. Many of the "fascists" they see behind every tree are actually just those from the working class who have been left behind and abandoned as they always are by the party. Union leadership more corrupt than the "capitalists" of the past. Carefully orchestrated class division is one of the main tools of the uni party.

@wolfhnd I don't think the professional class or corporations are socialist. And I don't think the petty bourgeois, family entrepreneurial class are working class either. Traditionally they are the base of fascism, enabled by some upstart bourgeoisie. I don't think there is a base for left politics in the Global North. Most institutions have been captured by finance capital and the Military Industrial Complex. Which is why "climate" politics comes down to imperial competition and offloading costs onto the Global South, as you said. I call this stage of economical development capitalist because it developed naturally from markets and private property. Only when capitalist crisis is resolved by the abolition of those things and social class will communism exist. I don't even really like to use the word socialism these days because it, like technocracy, is a reformist means of managing the collapse of capitalism, and can easily lead to fascism. I think more of a principled communist revolutionism, of the global working class, and opposed to the current state of things is preferable. How to promote that strategically in a world of imperial competition, but one that is still interconnected in sometimes obfuscated and informal ways, is complicated.

@wolfhnd In that the ideology I propose encourages understanding of the world system, I think it incentivizes merit.


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