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While where the covid virus was lab engineered is being used to divert. Isn’t it just as important how this gain-of-function lab engineered biological weapon was deployed. Isn’t it just as important, if not more so, how this weapon of mass destruction was deployed? Just like a bullet is harmless without a means of deployment it. A rock on the ground isn’t a weapon at all until someone (deploys) uses it as a weapon.

Shouldn’t more attention be placed on the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) quarantining the city of Wuhan from the rest of China while leaving the Wuhan International Airport open for business.

Socialism cares little, if any at all, about the individual. So little in fact, doesn’t it appear, they have no qualms about infecting a city then unconscionably using its citizens as a delivery system, for their weapon of mass destruction, around the world.

While attention and debate is focused on where the lab engineered viral weapon of mass destruction came from, attention is not being paid to how it was deliberately deployed.

It can be argued till dooms day where weapon was created as long as attention is allowed to focus on its means of deployment.

During World War II, where the atom bomb(s) were manufactured meant nothing without their means of deployment against Hiroshima & Nagasaki Japan. The same is true of the lab engineered covid viral biological weapon of mass destruction – it still needed a means of deployment.

Ps. Didn’t the CCP weld doors shut on the infected just like the installing of padlocks on doors in the London plague? The difference is these Londoners didn’t have an Air Port to leave open and infect the outside world. Without a delivery system a weapon isn’t a weapon at all.

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“The Epidemic Of Plague That Ravaged London | The Great Plague | Timeline”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

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  1. not right or reasonable:

"the unconscionable conduct of his son"

Similar: unethical, amoral, immoral, unprincipled, indefensible, wrong, unscrupulous, unfair, underhand, dishonorable, dishonest, corrupt, depraved.

informal: shady.

Opposite: ethical, acceptable.

▪ unreasonably excessive:

"shareholders have had to wait an unconscionable time for the facts to be established"

Similar: excessive, unwarranted, uncalled for, unreasonable, unfair, inordinate, disproportionate, immoderate, extreme, undue, outrageous, preposterous, monstrous, inexcusable, unnecessary, needless.

Informal: over the top. OTT.

Opposite: acceptable, moderate, reasonable.

Word Origin:
mid 16th century: from un-1 ‘not’ + obsolete conscionable, from conscience (interpreted as a plural) + -able.

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A very good observation.

I have noticed that it is human nature to blame things on inanimate objects as if they had agency. I have a long explanation for that but I will spare you this time. I wouldn't want to have a diatribe. A good example is DEMON ALCOHOL. Unsurprisingly Ozzy Osourne has an explanation.


Some people may think you posting definitions is pointless but I think you have understood that language is a thinking tool that requires some level of discipline.

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