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Woke is opposite of [I]NCLUSION as clearly shown by the perpetual victim-hood mentality displayed by this video. And without [I]NCLUSION there can’t possible be the [D]IVERSAITY that woke DEIi lauds at every turn.

Right off the bat there’s no [I]nclusion therefore no [D]iversity can exist either.

All that’s left to question is the [E]quity of DEI Wokism. And [E]quity is the same old Communist divide and rule over tactics Communism has always had by selling their ever promised never produced Utopian [E]quity.

Communists will decry that all they want is equality, but there is no such thing in all the Universe as equality of any two thing. Speaking as a child, divide a candy bar as many times as you like in as many ways that you like the two halves will never ever be perfectly equal – that’s just a reality. However speaking as an adult, it gets much much more serious than any candy bar children might argue over. What actually exists is endless squabble all the while your Communist overlords will be setting back laughing at how unbelievably stupid you are. Just like the wealthy slave owning plantation owners up and left with their acquired wealth after the United States Civil War only to disappear like a morning mist escaping the rising Sun. As for the actual slave handlers, well they along with their families were given free passage to Brazil were the Portuguese Emperor hoped to start up a thriving cotton trade only to have slavery abolished there as well some 20 years later. By-the- way this political exodus was the largest in American history.

The vast majority of confederate soldiers really did fight for state’s rights as they individually said. Those affluent few that led them, well I can’t say the same for them, as I’ve only recently discovered. It apparently is true that it only takes less than 10% of a populous to lead or mislead the masses. Rather like the helmsman of a massive ship can either steer safely into port or run aground – it only takes a few if not simply one as in my analogy.

As you’ve probably ascertained, I got another post in mind even as I write this one. Especially as there are several other inflammatory tidbits I’d like to include but this post is about the vile socialist democrat party that originated in the slave holding southern United States. Oh, you did realize that Abraham Lincoln WAS A REPUBLICAN didn’t you?

PS. Hopefully you’ll be getting my point. The Woke Racists are the ones screaming the loudest about Mr. Ben Stein’s breakfast preferences – no one else cares. All I can ask is: WHERE’S THE INCLUSION?

Posted by: Anthony Brian Logan ~ 2 weeks ago ~ 53K views
“Ben Stein Said NOTHING WRONG About Aunt Jemima!”

Please do correct for me any errors that you discern – thanks in advance?

#LETSGOBRANDON ~ A Male-Feminist.
#MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) an individualist philosophy of life.

1914wizard 8 Mar 12
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This is about erasing any positive roles and replacing them with perversion because portraying blacks as trans and gay is the only acceptable practice of modern media. The Quakers where one of the primary churches behind the abolitionist movement to abolish slavery in America.

KeVince Level 8 Mar 13, 2023

@Neo-Tech saying there weren't any taxes before they freed the slaves is as relevant as saying we didn't have Automobiles until we had the Telegraph. The taxes were to help pay the expenses incurred because of Civil War, which resulted in the ending of Slavery, and this tax ended in 1872. I suppose an argument could be made that the Civil War costs in both blood and dollars were a form of Reparations, terrible Reparations, to those who suffered under Slavery. FYI, today's income tax originated in 1909.

@Neo-Tech Yes, Society does move, it's direction may appear to be positive or negative depending upon the perspective of the observer. Life is very similar, an experience today might be hard but ultimately can make us stronger or even result in great joy.

Comparing Taxes to Tithing; I'm not Catholic but I am a Christian, 2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us not to give out of necessity (compulsion) but as God proposes in our hearts (a joyful gift prompted by love and gratitude). The IRS and the Pope have a different view. We can firstly deal with the IRS at the Ballet Box and holding Congress accountable. Not being Catholic, my recourse for the Pope is prayer, which is also a powerful approach in dealing with the IRS.


Inclusion takes many forms.

Originally, as perhaps the most diverse Western Nation, in the US the importance of inclusion was recognized from the beginning. It's first expression in the bill of rights is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". "In the 18th and 19th centuries, the metaphor of a "crucible" or "smelting pot" was used to describe the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. It was used together with concepts of the United States as an ideal republic and a "city upon a hill" or new promised land." []

The term melting pot has come under fire in recent decades because of the distinction between inclusion and assimilation. That is where it gets complicated. It all depends on what you mean by assimilation. Assimilation can mean abiding by the laws of the country while retaining a distinct culture or it could mean cultural assimilation. I'm not going to call the current crop of ideologues communists because honestly the current philosophies are so incoherent that they defy labels, so lets just call them the woke.

Because the philosophers from which many of the current fad ideologies descend were not idiots they recognized that without some level of cultural assimilation the existing legal system would not work. Although most practitioners of the ideologies are not sophisticated enough to understand it, the political ancestry they are following is anarchy. Anarchy is a society without a government. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy. Anarchy was first used in English in 1539, meaning "an absence of government". Marx was a very unoriginal and not very deep thinker but Marxism is actually a form of Anarchy. Since the path from anarchy to tyranny is short, unsurprisingly every attempt at communism has immediately become a tyranny.

The woke whether they realize it or not are anarchists who will eventually run into the wall of reality and realize all they have done is allow the government to become a tyranny.

In a very limited sense you have a choice between some level of cultural assimilation and anarchy. I would say George Soros is a traditional anarchist for illustration purposes. He funds anarchist groups who would defund the police, a typical and ancient expression of political anarchists beliefs. Ironically libertarians are also anarchist whether they realize it or not.

In a free and open society there would be debate over the extent of cultural assimilation required for a functional society but as always anarchists have ensured that as they gain power they are slowly being replaced by authoritarians in the form of socialists, corporatists, the administrative state, etc.

wolfhnd Level 8 Mar 12, 2023

@Neo-Tech your comment that the slaves were freed so they could pay taxes is patently absurd. Once the Income Tax became an active law it only applied to those making over $600 annually, this was a time when most people made less than $600 annually, and the tax rate was 3% on income between $600 & $10k after which it was 5%. I'm not saying that there weren't freed slaves making over this $600 mark but it's reasonable to figure they were few and far between.

The slaves were freed out of recognition of slavery as the evil it was and still remains.


Quote: "...there is no such thing in all the Universe as equality of any two thing[s]"
Absolutely true.
Anyone talking about equality (of outcome) obviously knows absolutely nothing about human makeup or nature OR they are simply liars.
Everyone is different, to some extent. Everyone maybe somewhat better or worse than someone else but they definitely are not equal.
To elaborate, equal opportunity does not equal, equal outcome.
By the same token, poverty can never be eliminated. Some dictators and foolish people claim to be able to eliminate poverty but the actual result is they've managed to make everyone poorer, thus bringing others down to the lowest levels.
For example, consider what would happen if everyone in a select area were given a million dollars. If we check back in ten years, we would continue to find a group of well-to-do, most people in the middle range, and the poor at the very bottom. This cannot be changed.
In short, people are not equal and therefore each needs to be judged on their OWN merit.*

Dale Level 7 Mar 12, 2023

" Social " Democrat is really a misnomer. Democracy is soon eliminated once the socialists hold all power.

angelo Level 8 Mar 12, 2023

Did you catch one of my typos? I'd have said socialist democrat, I doubt I'd ever say social democrat. And yes, your right, socialist put on a pretense of democracy to keep the unobservat happy -- otherwise it's out the window just as you say. Thanks for the input, 1914wizard OUT

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