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This dumb bitch said 100 billion is 2 percent of americas budget. What is 100 billion times 100?

What number is that?

10 trillion

Neo-Tech 7 Mar 18
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Who are you talking to and what are you talking about? The context is missing. What are you ranting about?

@Neo-Tech According to the Department of Agriculture, SNAP cost $119 billion last year with the extra benefits. That would equate to about 2% of the national budget for the 2023 fiscal year.

SNAP = Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (United States government food assistance program)

Biden’s budget by the numbers

The budget total is $5.8 trillion for fiscal 2023, including $1.6 trillion in discretionary spending.
The budget also projects a $1.2 trillion deficit in fiscal 2023 – a significant drop from the last two years.


To calculate 2% of $5.8 trillion, we can use the formula:

2% = (2/100)

2% of $5.8 trillion = (2/100) x $5.8 trillion

2% of $5.8 trillion = $0.116 trillion

So, 2% of $5.8 trillion is equal to $0.116 trillion or $116 billion.

@Neo-Tech ???

I'm not following you.

If you are using Robin Hood as a metaphor for taking from the rich to give to the poor, than you are using wrong metaphor.

It seems your metaphor game is not much better than your math game.

@Neo-Tech define what is communism.

@Neo-Tech Hmm. As expected. Your math and metaphors are just as atrocious as your definitions.

Try harder.

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