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“Hollywood Actor Admits He Summoned Satan During Filming and Paid the Price for It”


“Constant, relentless, endless by every aspect of the media; left or right. Conservative or liberal, good or bad. Patriot or traitor. In other words . . . everybody in media of every type floods us with CELEBRITIES!!!!!

Why this extreme emphasis upon celebrities? Actors appear to get the most. Singers are often mentioned as are sport figures. Even actors (actors now refers to both male and female performers) that apparently some to many of us lowly non-actor commoners have never heard of are paraded before us in an eldless parade of actor actor actor actor actor.

Actors make immense wealth for the elite-class portion of the populace. Using those figures as a medium of spreading New World Order (NWO) propaganda and indoctrination is part of the plan to advance that NWO so promulgating the actors is beneficial to the tiny percentage of the populace that seeks to be the overlords of the entirety of Western civilization.

Those actor tools of evil tyranny are paid very-well so greed leads to traitorous acts. The rewards to politicians and bureaucrats are handled differently to remain legal but the outcomes are the same. The tyrannical elites striving for a one-world government that first requires the elites to control Western civilization and its countries are hiring a vast powerful army to do their bidding.

And the public's outcries for more more more about their beloved celebrities will accompany us as we swirl down the drain to destruction.”

Quasar 7 June 3
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Actors are paid liars. They accept funds to entertain, and to do that they will say anything. No problem with that -- a job is a job.
But, to the weak minded this ability to be eloquent is the same as wise.

Knowing our Hollywood actors, if they summon a demon, it's probably a retarded demon.


The crazy things we hear about Hollywood are true.

sqeptiq Level 10 June 3, 2023

I would bet that what you hear as crazy is a tip of an iceberg. Just imagine if a Hollywood version of Epstein appeared and then offed himself. It would be decades before his list of clients came out.

@bobbo666 Probably a bunch of Epsteins we never hear about.

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