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On the surface socialism, all forms of it, appear to be “angels of light” but sooner or later their fruit will betray the truth of them.

Socialism is beguiling that it’s common for it to be disguised as something else. The Nazis came disguised as nationalists hence National Socialism Party. I’ve known a multitude of people that even today that still associate evil with Nationalism rather than Socialism. They just allow the word socialist fade off into oblivion as if it had nothing to do with Nazism.

Even today people will condemn Nationalism as if were the defining word behind the Holocaust of the 20th Century.

No one falls victim to a confidence scheme knowing their going to lose. Instead, victims of socialism truly believe there’s such a thing as a “free lunch.” The only obstacle to socialism is whether you can dismiss as irrelevant where that so called “free lunch” was stolen from.

It not difficult to spot a International Socialist as opposed to a National Socialist as for one thing they’ll be the people that balk at the phrase “American Exceptionalism.” What then have trouble with is instants of German Exceptionalism, and French Exceptionalism etc. etc. That’s because it’s the national aspect that they really object to. These are the people that hate President Trump the most – simply for placing America first with the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement. They being of International Socialist persuasion (aka Communist persuasion) hate anything that even hints at Individual National pride.

The shame of it is, even after the 20th Century Holocaust, there are plenty of Jews that have fallen into this same trap set by these socialist angels of light right along with other faiths.

Just remember to exchange nations for the fat & skinny men of President Ronald Reagan’s old analogy on how to recognize a Communist from years gone by – it still holds true today.

Once your mind is within the clutches of socialism there’s absolutely nothing these demons can’t convince you to do. They can convince you that the end justifies whatever you do to obtain it, try to change your sex, or build and administer another Auschwitz.

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“After Auschwitz”

1914wizard 8 Oct 29
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Their Luciferianism is confirmed!

sqeptiq Level 10 Oct 29, 2023

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