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And Climate Change hysteria is one of the instruments being used to establish monopolies today.

Just look at the regulating being imposed on world citizens as we speak.

Precisely what purpose would could carbon taxes serve – will they change the worlds weather? Or will they serve only as a conduits for wealth transfer from the poor to the wealthy.

Communists will talk a “Wealth Redistribution” game, but what Communists really want is to coral Earth’s resources in smaller and smaller confines for the benefit of the already wealthy. Think about it, it’s much easier for the rich to acquire more wealth if it’s corralled for them.

Ayn Rand had a lot to say about monopolies only being possible with government help – and that’s precisely what’s happening now. That doesn’t mean that Communists won’t still rule over you – it just means that the average person is going to be a whole bunch poorer.

Is the climate change bogyman going to go down in history as the super flimflam man that he really is?

Does Charles Swabb have the power to change Earth’s orbit around the Sun all of a sudden? And that’s just one of many many things that determine Earth’s climate.

Many years ago there where Rain Makers, or so the claim was. SO WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE TODAY? Rain Makers where flimflam confidence men just like Charles Swabb is today.

Make no mistake, Joe Biden is colluding with these flimflam criminals today.

As for the rest of Washington’s politicians, well you will know them by their works – and they’re doing a lot colluding these days both democrats and republicans.

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“They Are Trying To Delete This Video Everywhere!!”

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“Gravitas | Davos 2024: Musk, Bezos, billionaires double their fortune | How did they get so rich?”

PS. International Antitrust Laws need to be enacted by The United Nations to prevent world monopolies and their oppression of world citizens. The United Nations doesn’t appear to do much else – preventing Global Communism looks lake a good place to start?


United States antitrust law

Collection of federal and state government laws, which regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations, generally to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers

In the United States, antitrust law is a collection of mostly federal laws that regulate the conduct and organization of businesses to promote competition and prevent unjustified monopolies. The three main U.S. antitrust statutes are the Sherman Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914, and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. These acts serve three major functions.


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