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2402040300Su CREDENTIAL-ISM = “It puts the lotion on its skin:”

America is based solely on productive individual merit – not any woke communist social emotional mindset.

Social emotional learning produces nothing – that’s why communist countries are impoverished shit holes in the world. Not a single one of these shit holes is economically productive therefor viable economically.

There was a time of Personnel Directors rather than communist indoctrinated HR (Human Resource) offices. Personnel Directors that tested prospective employees to ascertain their worth rather HR Credential-ism.

Those were the days when all that mattered was quality productivity – what the owners of the business actually wanted. What I’m trying to point out is that pure Capitalism doesn’t care about your race or sex – pure capitalism only cares about quality productivity.

Neither quality or productivity mean anything to a communist because they know they’ll be paid the same regardless. Communist socialism removes the incentive to produce quality production – no matter what it is.

Communist activism is about perpetual unrest and revolution. That’s why such government are forever proclaiming new revolutions of one kind or another. A communist is an habitual malcontent – if not discontented about one thing it’ll have to be about another. Today American Communists have their panties in a bunch over white men as though they’re what’s wrong with human history – tomorrow it may be the frogs that are causing the human catastrophe, who knows.

Communists will not be found counting the human advancements brought about by white men without their beloved credential-ism – because it refutes all their arguments. Yes, yes, there have been a few credentialed white men in the mix, but very very few.

Young men are neglecting college communist indoctrination(s) in the droves. This situation can’t have a good ending – can it?

PS. Feel free to correct any errors you happen to discern – thanks in advance.

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“Stop Hiring College Graduates" with James Lindsay“

1914wizard 8 Feb 4
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