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Feminism has chosen to condemn masculinity as toxic while encouraging women to be more like men. As a result there is an ongoing effort to create an androgynous worker bee caste of human beings.

Exhibit 1 is the obvious political campaign to emasculate male humans while masculinizing female humans.

As a result of Feminism playing god both the purposes of female humans and the purposes of male humans are both being lost.

Posted by: CTV News ~ 4 days ago ~ 158K views ~ 1.27M subs
“Alberta Premier Danielle Smith grilled by reporters on new gender policy | FULL Q&A”

It’s very much like trading liberty for security results in the loss of both. Trading feminine attributes for masculine attributes; and masculine attributes for feminine attributes results in non-productive androgyne – which also results in the loss of the attributes of both sexes.

Another frighteningly obvious loss to civilization is the presumption of innocence & due process. An accusation isn’t until now an automatic decree of guilt.

And for Americans the loss of separation of powers along with checks and balances provided by having co-equal branches of government is devastating to our way of life. The Executive Branch has now been compromised by the Judiciary for partisan purposes. Democrats can’t understand that the United States Presidency isn’t a dictator or monarch – it’s a equal branch of our United States Government.

Posted by: OfficialACLJ ~ 3 hours ago ~ 12,330 views ~ 351K subs
“BREAKING: Trump Immunity Struck Down by Court of Appeals”


Neither can democrats understand that pure democracy is nothing better than a lynch mob – with just as much justice therefrom. This is why we have (or supposed to have) a Constitutional Republic instead of a democracy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but democrats and communists all make the same mistake concerning democracy that Plato did?

Posted by: Melanie King ~ 2 months ago ~ 114K views ~ 453K subs
“Woman Holds Mainstream Media Accountable for Toxic Masculinity LIES”



  1. partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex:
    "a stunningly androgynous dancer"

IT▪ having the physical characteristics of both sexes; hermaphrodite.

Word Origin:
early 17th century: from Latin androgynus (see androgyne) + -ous.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ › dictionary › masculinizeMasculinize Definition &

The meaning of MASCULINIZE is to give a chiefly masculine character to; especially : to cause (a female) to take on male characteristics.

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I got as far as the statement by that Danielle Smith person in the first video "We have to preserve the rights of children to make decisions as adults" and I knew those poor Canadians are not dealing with someone playing with a full deck. That woman is bat-shit crazy.

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