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Safe & Effective Lie Exposed by Trust-The-Science Liars

SUMMARY: Are you still reading/seeing/hearing the mRNA Jab is “Safe & Effective”? God help YOU! Are you still believing “Safe & Effective”? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, 300 PAGES of revealed emails from the doctors and scientists who bombarded the Public with the deceptive aphorism – “Trust The Science” – should help you KNOW THE TRUTH. …READ ON: []
#KnowTheTruth #TrustTheScienceLiars #mRNAInjuries

JohnHouk 8 May 18
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When I die, it is not going to be because of the vaccine I took.

I will probably die because of the decades of exposure to the same as the rest of you : second-hand vape ash, saturated fats and lead poisoned waters that are mutating our frogs .

Heck, I am American : Gun crimes and car collisions are more likely to kill me long before terrorists would ever discover my identity .


The vaccine is harmless, it is the increased dosage that made it hazardous .

If the vaccine worked, then you would not need more than 2 for your entire life .

It is more like a botched gene therapy because nobody wants to make a serious change in their diet or exercise routines .

I took you anti-vaccine shills seriously until I realized that you do not know what you are even talking about.

The pandemic is real ;
People died.

Brainwash alert!!!


trust the science ~ doublespeak 😛

actually.... CEO of Pfizer Bourla made an interesting interview about 'trust the science' AND NOT being vaccinated himself....

@Weltansicht Bourla should be guilty of mass murder.

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