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There is a server for Kennedy. It's can be found by the forum search tool on discord.

Many on the forum are sympathetic to Republicans and many are hostile.
Many people post hate for Republicans. They dehumanize. They assume Republicans
are dumb and evil. They're cruel.

I've been on the forum for more than a year and my interactions with people
were always positive. I developed friendships. I talked about science.

The server is led by Mark Frascone, who is a petty dictator, and a narcissist. He often harassed me over the past year. He's incapable of synergy.

When I pushed back against hate for Republicans, many attacked me. Frascone assassinated me from the server. Disappointing for a Kennendy supporter.

The assassination had no due process. It was without warning. No reason
given. No message sent. No appeal. Frascone doesn't respond to my private messages.

I'm the only scientist on the server, and they assassinated me. Frascone is anti-science.

Kennedy's slogan is "Heal the Divide". It's disappointing that many Kennedy supports enjoy cruelty to Republicans.

The server is dysfunctional. There is disharmony among the mods. Some mods are unhappy with Frascone.

Get on a Viking ship and raid the Kennedy zone. Big fun.

jaymaron 8 June 7
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Justin Trudeau's crazy half-brother Kyle Kemper is campaigning for Kennedy in Florida



The reddit Kennedy zone also sucks. It often bans people that are on the Kennedy discord server, and they people they ban are good people.

Kenedy is pro-Israel. Yay!

Kennedy is high tax and supports the Green New Deal. Boo!
Kennedy fans don't understand how toxic these stances are.

Kennedy opposes the prosecution of Trump in New York. Yay!

Thought about Kennedy?

I worry that Democrats will assassinate Kennedy, either physically or socially or with lawfare.

@FocusOn1 @sqeptiq


Kennedy is more communist than trump, trump is mote fascist than kennedy


Both kennedy and trump support communist social security


Kennedy Is communist


The internet is full of petty dictators. What a strange place!

sqeptiq Level 10 June 7, 2024
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