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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Star Trek season 3 episode 15

RaithRoguestar 6 Feb 26
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Superb social commentary, wrapped in science fiction to make it universal. Still relevant today, from resurgent racism to the manipulated left/right divide

FredR Level 4 Feb 26, 2021

This hits me where I live.

The sheer elegant argument that trivial physical characteristics like skin color do not matter is a common theme throughout Trek. It's hard to see how we've come full circle back to "skin color matters more than anything else."

Yes, I get the nuance about lived experiences; but lived experiences aren't limited by physical characteristics. A black person can experience being marginalized. So can a white person. So can a man. So can a woman. So can a gay person. So can a straight person. So can every permutation of physical characteristics under the sun.


I remember that one. They killed the entire planet & they were the last 2 left. One was 'superior' the other was 'inferior' and that side was forced into servitude. Excellent reminder.

Yes, but it went quite a bit deeper than that. It didnt just criticize the racist superior guy, it also exposed the other guy using his past as victim of racism as an excuse for violence and Kirk pleaded with both of them to set aside their hatred and neither of them would and their race was finished because of their hatred and their inability to forgive and put their differences aside.

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