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Self-Deception(s) and self-deprecation(s) are the weapons being used against western civilization i.e. capitalism as we speak. And for what purpose is the question of the day?

For authoritarian control by an oligarchy of elites -- an ‘authoritarian’ oligarchy stationed at a control panel hidden from view behind massive drapes like the wizard of oz. A socialist authoritarianism with dreams of a communist utopia that never actually materializes – an elusive fantasy.

Karl Marx has been exchanging those two hypothetical birds in return for the bush for the bird GOD already gave us all for more than a hundred years now – right?

The nobility of the human male is without understanding by human females. The female human selfishly can’t fathom the self sacrificing of male humans in their effort(s) to protect them. Instead they prefer declaring themselves victims at the hands of those self same men. Women deceive themselves while men depreciate themselves.

Take a good strong long look around you – do you not see a world glorifying violence all the while demeaning men and sex. Why isn’t there more censorship of violence and less of sexual relationships? What ever happened to that old adage: Make love (or peace) not war?

All women need to be on equal footing with men if they’re going to push men out of education and profitable employment that excludes them due to short lists for women only. By equal footing I mean combat expendable. Women have long been advantaged in life due to maturing earlier, dying older, all without an obligation of military service. Do the math – women have always held advantage over men contrary to ludicrous feminist theories. Women have a maturity advantage, an educational advantage due to lack of conscription, all wound up with a resulting longer life span.


While no such deferment existed for women. In short, women have always been given a four year head start in life and they’re still not satisfied.

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“The Horrific Realities Of Jungle Warfare | Jungle War | All Out History”

RED PILL OF THE DAY: The red pill for this post is that: Women have always been attracted to affluence; while men have always been attracted to fertility. Socialist feminism has determined that female attraction to affluence is normal; but attraction to fertility by men as being sexist.

Posted by: All Out History – Premium History Documentaries
“The Horrific Realities Of Jungle Warfare | Jungle War | All Out History”



  1. the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

▪ lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.

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  1. an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state:

"an era of free-market capitalism"

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  1. the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true:

"Jane remarked on men's capacity for self-deception"

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  1. modesty about or criticism of oneself:

"an artist with a penchant for wry self-deprecation"

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